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“Nori is a fantastic beta reader, as she proved when she read my recent YA epic fantasy. She gives chapter-by-chapter thoughts as well as a big picture letter, and I considered her immediate reactions to each chapter so valuable because they allowed me to spot where I needed to strengthen my world building or clarify things. Her critique style is warm and supportive while honestly pointing out what isn’t working for her. I was also impressed with her ability to call out when something didn’t work as a personal preference vs. when she thought something wouldn’t work for readers in general. I’d recommend Nori to beta for any of my author friends in a heartbeat.”
~Sarah Marsh, Author of Fear the Drowning Deep and Anna Strong: Daughter of the American Revolution

“I loved the critique that Nori provided. My hope is always to have a beta reader say they just absolutely loved everything about my book, so of course I’m going to say Nori’s mostly praise was the perfect combination of the two. Essentially, with her praise and suggestion combination, she made it clear that what I wanted to come across did, and that was perfect.”
~Amber Lynn, Author of Night Calls

“Nori is phenomenal. To put this statement in perspective, I have had around 45 BETA readers and while they have all been very good, they didn’t have the magical quality that Nori has. Nori didn’t just look at her own perspective, but tried to look at it through other readers’ eyes, too. She is very good at picking up the positives of your writing, and with the negative she is very constructive and offers helpful suggestions. I would absolutely recommend Nori as a first choice in BETA readers. 5 stars.”
~Giselle Simlett, Author of Girl of Myth and Legend

“Thank you for the wonderful critique on my book From the Drop of Heaven. Your thoughtful comments have helped me refine the story and correct a few confusing references. I am looking forward to working with you again.”
~Janet Piper, Author of From the Drop of Heaven

“I just wanted to say thank you for your excellent and thorough beta analysis of my book Everyone Keeps Secrets. You have a sharp eye for details and your suggestions were most helpful. I am grateful to have found such a competent beta-reader like you.”
~Katherine Greyson, Author of Everyone Keeps Secrets

“There is nothing I can say that others have not already pointed out about Nori’s amazing talent. Her chapter by chapter critique of my manuscript was amazingly beneficial and very insightful. And might I mention Nori left herself available to read three of my manuscripts totaling 400K words. WOW! Thank you so much Nori for all of your help, I loved your detailed feedback and how you’ve helped me better my story. I look forward to working with you in the future.”
~Peiri Ann, Author of Burdened

“Nori beta read our debut novel, Crash, and we were both extremely pleased with her suggestions and critiques. She was complimentary about the things she liked, but wasn’t afraid to explain what didn’t work in a professional way. We received comments about every single chapter and felt like she really took the time to thoroughly read our novel instead of just “dialing it in” like we had heard some beta readers do. It was much appreciated and we happily recommend her services!”
~Stacey Brandon & Karen Bell, authors of Crash

“Nori was one of my first beta readers. She read an early draft of my 73,000 word Supernatural Thriller and gave me some great feedback. Nori’s style is to list questions and suggests chapter-by-chapter. She raised some great questions and issues in my draft, causing me to make some serious and seriously good revisions to the book. Nori was also timely and communicative—something that can be lacking in beta readers! I’d highly recommend her if you are looking for a beta reader to identify larger issues, particularly in earlier stages of your work.”
~Neicole M. Crepeau

“I was so grateful for Nori’s thoughtful and insightful feedback into my novel! As well as an analysis of her thoughts and feelings on the story as a whole, she provided a chapter by chapter breakdown which highlighted her favourite bits and parts that needed work, which helped me work out where the issues lay for edits. She picked up some, in hindsight, glaringly obvious issues like problematic place and character names that had gone completely over my head and was infinitely helpful in being a fresh pair of eyes to realise just how many typos and grammar errors I had made! Constructive feedback is so important and Nori was honest without being unkind about what needed work, but she was also great in pointing out what already worked and just needed polishing. A good beta reader is an absolute must for any aspiring writer, and I would happily recommend Nori to anyone!”
~Samantha Smith

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