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Sweet & Swanky 17ers~ Int..

Sweet & Swanky 17ers~ Introducing…Jake Burt and 10 Amazing MG Read Aloud Novels + Giveaway!

TEN AMAZING MG NOVELS…FOR READ ALOUD Think about your absolute, most favorite adult novels. Are they literary classics? Page-turning legal thrillers? Hilarious insider tell-alls? And how’s about your YA? Dystopian high-stakes adventures? Paranormal romances? LGBTQ awakenings? Heartfelt struggles to cope with impending adulthood? All of the above? If you’re like me, you remember the first time you read those favorites. You probably know where you were when you flipped the […]

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Sweet & Swanky 17ers~ Int..

Sweet & Swanky 17ers~ Introducing…Stephanie Elliot, author of SAD PERFECT + Giveaway!

Author Interview Why did you decide to write SAD PERFECT in 2nd person? I didn’t plan on writing Sad Perfect in 2nd person. I wasn’t even planning on writing a novel. My daughter had just met a boy and it was such a ‘meet-cute’ that I thought about writing a vignette or a page about how they met so the first original chapter was just the story about how my […]

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Sweet & Swanky 17ers~ Int..

Sweet & Swanky 17ers~ Introducing…Dana Langer & her playlist for Siren Sisters + Giveaway!

Playlist 1) “Cliffs” By Karen O And The Kids (from WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE soundtrack) I discovered this song on a playlist for one of Claire Legrand’s wonderful middle grade novels, SOME KIND OF HAPPINESS. Cliffs, as you can see on the cover, are an important feature of the landscape in SIREN SISTERS. This wordless song, featuring the humming of small, evocative voices, sounds like waves and salty sea […]

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Sweet & Swanky 17ers~ Int..

Sweet & Swanky 17ers~ Introducing…Kelly Devos and some Designs by Cookie Vonn from FAT GIRL ON A PLANE + Giveaway!

Sketchbook Designs My book follows the exploits of Cookie Vonn, a high school senior who dreams of becoming the world’s next great, swanky, fashion designer. But she’s got problems. In the world of fashion, thin is always in but Cookie weighs 300 pounds and is named after a dessert. During the book, Cookie is busy assembling her fashion designs into a portfolio she plans to use to apply for a […]

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Sweet & Swanky 17ers~ Int..

Sweet & Swanky 17ers~ Introducing…Jilly Gagnon and 10 Quotes from #Famous + Giveaway!

  Top 10 Quotes from #Famous A lot of writers refer to their books as their “babies,” and I think the comparison is pretty apt. Not only do you love it and cherish it and want to protect it from all the scary things, getting the thing out is BRUTAL. …which is why it’s hard to imagine plucking out my favorite 10 quotes from #famous. Instead, I’m picking 10 that […]

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Sweet & Swanky 17ers~ Int..

Sweet & Swanky 17ers~ Introducing…Shea Olsen, author of FLOWER!

Author Interview How did you meet Elizabeth Craft and why did you decide to work together? Elizabeth is a fabulous TV producer who works in L.A. and through Alloy Entertainment we were introduced. We’ve only met a couple of times but hit it off immediately. She developed the concept for FLOWER and I had the incredible opportunity to write the story. What was your favorite scene to write in FLOWER?  […]

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Introducing…Sweet and Sw..

Introducing…Sweet and Swanky Seventeeners- a MONTH LONG celebration!!!

I am beyond excited that today finally kicks off the SWEET AND SWANKY 17ERS FEATURE!!! For those of you who have been blog subscribers for awhile, you might remember me doing a previous feature- the SS16ers. If you missed it, you can check out my recap which includes all of the links HERE!   I’ve been working on this feature for a couple of months and let me just say […]

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