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EE18ers ~ Top 11 Sayings by He..

EE18ers ~ Top 11 Sayings by Heather Christie + Giveaway!

Heather Christie’s Favorite Sayings I ran through the New York City Port Authority like a banshee, my fifty-pound book bag slamming against my back, sweat breaking out on my forehead. The clock flashed 8:27 PM. I had three minutes to make the bus or wait until 11pm bus, which wouldn’t get me home until 1 AM. The national guardsmen eyed me as I flew by. One touched his gun and […]

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EE18ers ~ Character Interview ..

EE18ers ~ Character Interview w/ Joanna Ruth Meyer + Giveaway!

Character Interview with Wendarien Aidar-Holt In Beneath the Haunting Sea, Talia gets banished to the Ruen-Dahr, a dreary mansion on the edge of the ocean, where she meets the Baron’s son, Wen. He’s a musician and can get a little angsty. We find Wen in the music room, of course, bleary-eyed behind his spectacles, ink spotting his fingers. He’s sitting at his raina, scribbling notes on staff paper, and looks […]

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EE18ers ~Playlist by C. V. Wyk..

EE18ers ~Playlist by C. V. Wyk!

Music Playlist Artists inspire artists, right? That’s probably why so many writers listen to music while they create their characters, their worlds, their stories. The right melody can evoke grief and regret. The perfect percussion can prepare you for war. At least, that’s how it worked for me. As you’ll see, my playlist for BLOOD AND SAND is both eclectic and somewhat anachronistic. I’ve got epic soundtrack classics, a few […]

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EE18ers ~ The Wicked Deep Aest..

EE18ers ~ The Wicked Deep Aesthetics by Shea Ernshaw + Giveaway!

The Wicked Deep Aesthetics I have always been very visual when it comes to writing. I like having images and color tones around me that set the mood for the book I’m working on. Long before Pinterest existed, I would cut out magazine clippings of images and photos that inspired me, and tack them above my desk. But it always felt very limited. Now, Pinterest is often the first place […]

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EE18ers ~ Guest Post by Jen Pe..

EE18ers ~ Guest Post by Jen Petro-Roy!

Guest Post   Why ‘Finish the Book Isn’t Always Good Advice’: The Inspiration behind P.S. I MISS YOU I didn’t mean to start writing P.S. I Miss You. Usually, I’m pretty disciplined. When I’m writing a book, I get new, shiny ideas all the time, especially when I’m bumbling through the “murky middle.” I put on my sunglasses, though, and avert my eyes from the sparkle. I jot a few […]

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EE18ers ~ Top 9 Unicorns by Ka..

EE18ers ~ Top 9 Unicorns by Kamilla Benko! +Giveaway!

              A Blessing of Unicorns: My Top Nine Literary Unicorns   Unicorns come in all shapes and sizes, live in the sea or on land, in our world, in mythical kingdoms, or both–and I love them all! When writing a book called THE UNICORN QUEST, you get to learn many fun things, like that the horn of a unicorn is technically called an alicorn […]

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EE18ers ~ Author Interview w/ ..

EE18ers ~ Author Interview w/ T. E. Carter + Giveaway!

  Author Interview I STOP SOMEWHERE is a dark contemporary. Are there any trigger warnings that you’d like to tell potential readers? The entire novel is about rape culture and sexual assault, so it should be pretty clear from the start that this is a tough read. It’s not graphic necessarily but it’s certainly very clearly about this topic. Is there any symbolism behind the cover? I didn’t have any […]

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EE18ers ~ Playlist by Tanaz Bh..

EE18ers ~ Playlist by Tanaz Bhathena + Giveaway!

 Playlist for A Girl Like That I don’t listen to music while I write, but I often find inspiration for my books and characters listening to the car radio or watching YouTube videos. While not every song perfectly fits my characters (isn’t it totally epic when that happens?) I often find pieces that work with certain scenes or fit the overall themes of the book. Here are a few songs […]

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EE18ers ~ The Beauty That Rema..

EE18ers ~ The Beauty That Remains Aesthetics by Ashley Woodfolk + Giveaway!

    Aesthetics Post This is my first novel aesthetic! But I think these images encapsulate THE BEAUTY THAT REMAINS really well. My debut is ultimately a story about how to move on after an unexpected tragedy, so I wanted to pick images that matched the dark, but hopeful mood. It follows three different kids who recently lost someone close to them, and because the story is told in alternating […]

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Introducing…Epic & ..

Introducing…Epic & Enchanting Eighteeners- a MONTH LONG DEBUT CELEBRATION!!!!!!

HELLO HELLO EVERYONE!!!! I am BEYOND excited to kick off my favorite feature of the year, where I host debut authors for the upcoming year on my blog for a FULL MONTH! Yes, you read that right. There will be new content from amazing authors each and every day of October!!! Are you excited??? You should be! Last year, I hosted the Sweet & Swanky 17ers, and the year prior, […]

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