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Epic & Enchanting 18ers C..

Epic & Enchanting 18ers Celebration Part 2 + Grand Prize Giveaway!!!

Why hello there everyone!!! I am EXTREMELY excited to be bringing ROUND TWO of the Epic & Enchanting 18ers feature to YOU, starting…tomorrow! Yes, you read that right. Part two of the 2018 debut celebration starts tomorrow! While part one was a month, part 2 is only going to run for 1.5 weeks, but the content is just as great, so you’re NOT going to want to miss out! Are […]

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Epic & Enchanting Eightee..

Epic & Enchanting Eighteeners: The Conclusion!

Hello hello there everyone! I hope you’re all doing well. I was just looking at my Epic & Enchanting Eighteeners (EE18ers) feature that I hosted last month, and realized that somehow, I never posted the conclusion! Even though it’s almost been a month since the feature, I thought it was important to conclude it properly, hence this post! 🙂 I’d like to start by thanking ALL of the AMAZING authors […]

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EE18ers ~ Guest Post by Nisha ..

EE18ers ~ Guest Post by Nisha Sharma!

  Guest Post – The Art of Patience First and foremost, Nori, thanks so much for hosting this amazing blog series! I’m so excited to be sharing a platform with awesome talent. 2018 is going to be epic. ‘My So-Called Bollywood Life’ comes out in May of 2018 with Crown Books for Young Readers and it’s about a Bollywood loving Jersey girl who finds herself at odds with destiny. I […]

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EE18ers ~ Character Interview ..

EE18ers ~ Character Interview + Comics w/ Lee Blauersouth + Giveaway!

Character Interview   Hello, readers! We are pleased to be here today with the teenagers causing epic waves in America’s superhero community. Today with us we have; Opal Flynn, superhero hopeful from Detroit, Yael Meade, child of Helix and also superhero hopeful, Issac Tillman-Voss; son of LodeStar, leader of the Sentinels, and his sister, Jamie Tillman-Voss. Jamie, let’s start with you. What is it like to be the daughter of […]

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EE18ers ~ Author Interview w/ ..

EE18ers ~ Author Interview w/ Tamara Moss + Giveaway!

    Author Interview Your book debuted in July in Australia, but it doesn’t come out until 2018 in the US! Could you talk a little about your experience with juggling publication in different countries? A: I haven’t had much experience yet! All the negotiating and contracts happened through Penguin Random House Australia, so I haven’t even had the opportunity to speak to my US editor at this point. But […]

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EE18ers ~ Playlist by Kit Fric..

EE18ers ~ Playlist by Kit Frick!

Playlist Hi all! I’m so excited to be over on ReadWriteLove28 today sharing a playlist for my debut novel, See All the Stars (S&S/McElderry Books, Summer 2018). Thanks for having me, Nori! Music played a huge role in my life as a teen—so many songs and albums took on deeply personal and almost epic, intoxicating significance, and in fact many of my go-to albums as an adult are those I […]

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EE18ers ~ Ink, Iron, and Glass..

EE18ers ~ Ink, Iron, and Glass Aesthetics by Gwendolyn Clare + Giveaway!

  Character Aesthetics  I love the way steampunk combines technology with an element of fantasy, and being a scientist myself, it was almost inevitable that I’d write a book about mad scientists. But Ink, Iron, and Glass is also very influenced by the enchanting visual aesthetics of Italy, and I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that part of the fun of writing historical fantasy is the chance to play […]

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EE18ers ~ Book Recs for Fans o..

EE18ers ~ Book Recs for Fans of Horror Movies by Emma Berquist!

YA Books Recs for Fans of Horror Movies Nori’s Note: Today is exactly one week from Halloween, so I thought it Emma’s post would be perfect! Now…Get ready for some epic recs!   THE RING + THE GIRL FROM THE WELL by Rin Chupeco. Let’s start with the obvious: if you like ghost stories about murdered girls, try reading THE GIRL FROM THE WELL. Spooky and poetic, Okiku is like […]

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EE18ers ~  Aesthetics + Chara..

EE18ers ~  Aesthetics + Character Interview  w/ Julia Lynn Rubin + Giveaway!

Character Interview + Aesthetics Q: Hi Jack! Thanks so much for agreeing to be interviewed by me, the author. I realize that it might be a bit awkward for you, as you are my character and all, but I promise to do my best and I appreciate you giving this a shot. A: Yeah, cool. It’s no problem. Q: Great. I guess my first question for you would be: When […]

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EE18ers ~ Fun Facts by Rachel..

EE18ers ~ Fun Facts by Rachel Pudelek + Aesthetic + Giveaway!

GODDESSES of FREYJA’S DAUGHTER I wrote Freyja’s Daughter for a specific reason: I love folkloric creatures. While folklore and mythology are fictional, they have roots firmly planted in the dirt of reality. To me, this includes supernatural creatures as well. It’s why I devour urban fantasy and paranormal books, shows, and movies. In all that devouring, though, my stomach growled for something not on the menu. In most of these […]

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