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ALAMW16 Recap: Day One

Posted January 29, 2016 by Nori in Event Recaps! / 13 Comments

Welcome to my ALAMW16 Recap! I know it’s a bit late but I hope you enjoy!

Day One: Saturday

The first thing that immediately popped into my brain was AHHHHHHHH TODAY IS ALAMW! The second thing was AHHHHHH IT IS REALLY EARLY I WANT TO GO BACK TO SLEEP! Luckily, the first thought overpowered the second thought, and my adrenaline woke me up. Val from The Innocent Smiley was nice enough to let me room with her, so after we gathered our belongings, we were off!

…Fast forward to five minutes before the ALA Exhibit Floor opened…

I was looking left and right, left and right, scanning people’s badges to see if I recognized any blogger friends. It turned out that MC from Blame it on the Books was standing right next to Val and me, so I went over and said hi! We had arranged a book trade through Twitter, so I wanted to make sure that I gave her the books before I forgot. It turns out that those fateful five minutes dictated the rest of ALAMW. You see, it turned out that instead of Val and me roaming the exhibit hall as a duo, we roamed as a trio- and our third was MC!

(P.S. If you don’t know MC, now would be a good time to visit her blog or her twitter and say hello, because she is AWESOME).

After those five minutes were over, everyone immediately spilled onto the exhibit floor. I looked up, trying to see where the YA booths were, and we (the trio) beelined for the area. We got very lucky because all of the YA publishers were in one of three rows that coincidentally happened to be next to one another!

Once we arrived, I was shocked to see piles of ARCs calling my name.

“Noriiiiiiiiiiiiiiii we want you to read us! Pick us up!”

And what can I say? If the books tell me they want me to read them…I’ll listen!

After one hour, we decided to take a pit stop and rest for a minute outside one of the booths.

It turns out…that in one hour…I accumulated 31 books. No, I’m not joking. You can see the pictures below for proof! 

I was shocked. How did this happen?!? I didn’t understand.

One of the highlights from the first hour was talking to Laurel Symond! I’ve known Laurel for a little bit through Jodi and Susan, but I never had met her in person, until ALAMW! She is SUPER SWEET! She is actually the person who recommended Hurricane Kiss to me, so I’m excited to read it!

After the first hour, all of our shoulders were aching, so we ended up going to Val’s car and dropping our books off. We vowed that we would be more picky starting then!

One hour later…20 more books had appeared in my bags. Oops?

One of the highlights from the second hour was going up to the Scholastic booth and asking whether there were any copies of Two Summers. It turns out that not only were there copies, but the person I asked was the author, Aimee Friedman, herself! How crazy is that? So, not only did I get a copy of an ARC that looks amazing, but I also got it signed! Woohoo!

Later in the day, we decided to go to Robin Talley’s panel, and ended up getting a signed copy of What We Left Behind! I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about the book, so I can’t wait to read it.

Now, here comes the shocker. WE TOOK A LUNCH BREAK. Now, this may not seem shocking, but this was something I NEVER expected. You see, there wasn’t one day of BEA/Bookcon where I had enough time to grab lunch. Not once! It was nonstop action. But, ALAMW isn’t like that! I WAS ABLE TO EAT FOOD! Woohoo!

After eating lunch, we wandered around the booths for a while and picked up a couple *cough* a lot *cough* more books. Albert Whitman hosted a 3 in 1 signing where Elizabeth Briggs, Dana Elmendorf, and Amy Allgeyer all signed their debut YA books. In case you forgot, Elizabeth was part of my Sweet and Sassy Sixteeners feature, so it was GREAT getting to meet her in person!

We also got very lucky, because we happened to end up in the middle of an impromptu Sweet Sixteeners meeting! I was able to meet Darcy Woods, Roshani Chokshi, Kim Savage, Lygia Day Penaflor, Laura Tims, Laurie E Flynn, Melanie Conklin, and more! I was lucky enough to get Darcy, Lygia, and Laura to sign my ARCs (during which I wanted to fangirl the whole time but tried to play it cool).

After the exhibit hall closed, a group of bloggers (Melissa, Molly, MC, Val, and me) all went to dinner at the Daily Catch. It was a great way to relax after the tiring day at ALAMW! Laura Tims ended up crashing our dinner (don’t worry, she was invited 😉 ) which made the dinner even better.

When Val and I got back to the room, we ended up counting books…and my daily total was 77. Yes, you read that right. 77 books.

On that note, it was a great first day! I hope you enjoyed the recap! Stay tuned for Day Two’s recap!

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