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Double Mini Reviews~ Two 3 Sta..

Double Mini Reviews~ Two 3 Star Books That Were Only Okay :/

MINI REVIEW RUINED was one of the books that I was really hoping would appear at ALAMW16. After all, it sounded great, and I was looking forward to reading it. So, when I saw that they were handing out copies, I was very happy. Because I loved the synopsis of RUINED, I decided to bring it with me on vacation. After all, what could be better than reading a great […]

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Double Mini Reviews- Double th..

Double Mini Reviews- Double the Fun! Check out ASIC and GATU!

MINI REVIEW I am going to start by admitting that I’ve only seen one episode of Sherlock. While I did find Sherlock to be a fascinating character, I never watched more, and so I didn’t know what to expect from ASIC. I am thrilled to say that I loved it- for the same reason that I enjoyed the one episode of Sherlock. Charlotte Holmes. The great great great (etc) granddaughter […]

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Sweet & Swanky 17ers~ Int..

Sweet & Swanky 17ers~ Introducing…Caroline Leech Who’s Telling YOU How to Shut Up Your Inner Editor!

Guest Post So, wWhen you are writing, how many times within one paragraph do you try to find yourself wanting to go back and make a change to whatever you have just written. Sometimes, If you are like me, this can happen happens time and time and time again within one a single paragraph. In fact, do you find that there are times when you seem to spend hours and […]

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ARC Review: Dreamology by Lucy..

ARC Review: Dreamology by Lucy Keating!

REVIEW After reading two books that I didn’t love in a row, I was really really hoping that this one would do the trick and get me out of my reading slump. Everyone on Twitter was gushing about it, and so I figured I’d give it a try. I enjoyed DREAMOLOGY, but I didn’t fall in love with it.. I don’t read magical realism that often but I think that […]

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Girl Against the Universe by P..

Girl Against the Universe by Paula Stokes DELETED SCENES!!!

GUEST POST On Killing All My Darlings by Paula Stokes Hi guys! It’s Paula. Thanks to Nori for inviting me to hang out 🙂 Some of you may know that I cut almost 40,000 words (or about 175 pages of standard YA typeface) while I was revising GIRL AGAINST THE UNIVERSE. It’s not that the original version was bad. It was just…not right. So that’s a lot of darlings chainsawed […]

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Blog Tour: Hilarious Q&A ..

Blog Tour: Hilarious Q&A w/ the Lady Janies + Giveaway!!!

MY LADY JANE is tied for the best book that I read in 2016, and so I am beyond thrilled to be participating in the official MY LADY JANE tour!!! If this Q&A doesn’t convince you that this trio is incredible- I’m not quite sure what will. Of course, I can’t pick favorites, but if I had to pick a favorite Q&A…let’s just say this would be at the top […]

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Book Review: Please Don’..

Book Review: Please Don’t Tell by Laura Tims!

REVIEW This book. Oh my goodness. How do I even describe it? I truly don’t even know how to put my thoughts into words. The very first page pulled me in. Please Don’t Tell is written in alternating POV’s by a set of twins- Joy and Grace. From the very beginning, their emotions resonated with me. Their voices, so similar yet different, echoed in my head without stopping. This is […]

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Meet the Newbies: Interview w/..

Meet the Newbies: Interview w/ Sarah Ahiers + Giveaway!!!

I am so excited to be hosting Sarah Ahiers as part of the Meet the Newbies debut feature, organized by the one and only Rachel @ A Perfection Called Books! Stay tuned for an interview with Sarah + a giveaway!!! Author Most Likely To Kill Her Darlings Nickname: Anne (an unintended nickname, since I am a twin and often called by my twin’s name) First Day of School: February 2, 2016 Homeroom: HarperTeen Grade: […]

Harper Summer 2016 Tour: How i..

Harper Summer 2016 Tour: How it Feels to Fly by Kathryn Holmes Review + Discussion Post + Giveaway!!!

Mini-Review Important note- there are a lot of themes in How It Feels to Fly that can be triggers. If self harm, eating disorders, or extreme anxiety are triggers for you, do not read this book. With that being said, HOW IT FEELS TO FLY is a book that I think is extremely important. Personally, I related to the main character, Samantha, more than I care to admit (but more […]