Reviewing Books

For any authors who have books out and/or books that will be coming out soon, I will read and review books.

Just a little bit about me…

My Favorite Genres:
~Young Adult
~Sci- fi (some)
~New Adult (some)

Even if your book doesn’t fit into one of these genres, that’s still okay! I will read pretty much anything EXCEPT horror and erotica.

I will post my review/the link to my review of your book on the following places:
~My Blog
~Twitter (link to review)
~Instagram (link to review)
~Pinterest (link to review)

If you are interested in me reviewing your novel, please go to the Contact Me section.

Unfortunately, due to the amount of requests I receive, I will only be able to accept and respond to requests for books that I am extremely interested in reading.

Thanks so much!

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