Top Ten Tuesday #1: Top Ten B..

Top Ten Tuesday #1:  Top Ten Books I Really Want To Read But Don’t Own Yet

This meme is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Welcome everyone to my first ever weekly meme post! I told you that I would be adding some new stuff to my blog, didn’t I? This week’s Top Ten Tuesday topic is: Top Ten Books I Really Want To Read But Don’t Own Yet, which means I have lots of choices to choose from! After all, my TBR list is […]

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TGIF #1: Future Plans

TGIF everyone! I don’t know about any of you, but this week has been crazy for me. Last week I unfortunately caught a nasty bug, which has kept me home for over a week. This is definitely not how I imagined my summer would end. But since I have been sick and stuck in bed, I decided to do some research about book blogging, reviewing, and all the awesome stuff in […]

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Queuing Wednesday! #1

Queuing Wednesday! #1

Welcome everyone to the first “Queuing Wednesday!” This is the place where you will get to find out what the next book on my to read/review list is! And a drumroll please…. The next book is… Fairy Tale Karma by D. Thrush Keep on the lookout for a new review coming your way soon! If you have not checked out the Featured Author of the Month, CLICK HERE! Also, make […]

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Book Review: Hope’s Rebe..

Book Review: Hope’s Rebellion!

I was provided a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. ~~~ Can you imagine a world where people are judged based on their hair color? A place where if you’re born as a blonde, you are treated as royalty? A place where your social status changes based on your physical appearance as a baby? This unimaginable place becomes very realistic while reading […]

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Book Update!!!

Book Update!!!

TGIF everyone! For those of you who don’t know, I am currently co-writing a book with one of my friends. Since we are both busy, we haven’t had as much time as we would like to write, but we are trying as often as possible. I am very excited to share the news that we have finally hit 30,000 words! Now I understand that 30,000 words is not a huge […]

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Featured Author of August: Amb..

Featured Author of August: Amber Lynn!!!

Welcome to the first Featured Author post! I’d like to welcome our first author, Amber Lynn. She has graciously donated some of her books for a giveaway! Her books are amazing, especially Daughter of Gaia, so I would HIGHLY suggest entering the giveaway! Click Here to Enter the Giveaway! Now, without further ado, let me introduce…Amber Lynn!!! ~~~ 10 Questions with Amber Lynn 1. Can you tell us about yourself? […]

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Welcome to ReadWriteLove28! Please feel free to look around the website. For Beta-Reading Inquiries, please go to the Contact Me page. Thanks for checking out the website and I look forward to embarking on this book loving journey with all of you!

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