Developmental Editing

I also offer developmental editing services.

Here is a description of a developmental editor:

Developmental editing (also known as content or substantive editing) focuses on structure, style, and content. The editor flags specific problems–structural difficulties, poor pacing, plot or thematic inconsistencies, stiff dialogue, undeveloped characters, stylistic troubles, flabby writing. The editor provides detailed advice so the author can address them.

Here is what I will give you:
~Chapter by chapter analysis
~Make comments/track changes in Word
~Point out plot inconsistencies
~Point out character underdevelopment
~Point out when more/less description is needed
~Point out unnecessary scenes
~Figure out how to make certain sentences/paragraphs less choppy

I will also help with marketing your book when it’s published by:
~Featuring YOU for a month (if you’d like)
~Tweeting about your book on Twitter
~Putting it on other social media (Instagram, Pinterest, etc…)

If there is anything else that you’d like from me, I can certainly do more than just what’s above.

Since I’m not an editor for a living, I can’t guarantee that I’ll find/fix every mistake, but I’ll do my best! Also, since I’m not a professional editor, my prices are much lower than other editors, but please note that I DO charge for this service.

If you are interested in hiring me for this service, please go to the Contact Me page.

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