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EE18ers ~ Author Interview w/ ..

EE18ers ~ Author Interview w/ Tamara Moss + Giveaway!

    Author Interview Your book debuted in July in Australia, but it doesn’t come out until 2018 in the US! Could you talk a little about your experience with juggling publication in different countries? A: I haven’t had much experience yet! All the negotiating and contracts happened through Penguin Random House Australia, so I haven’t even had the opportunity to speak to my US editor at this point. But […]

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EE18ers ~ Playlist by Kit Fric..

EE18ers ~ Playlist by Kit Frick!

Playlist Hi all! I’m so excited to be over on ReadWriteLove28 today sharing a playlist for my debut novel, See All the Stars (S&S/McElderry Books, Summer 2018). Thanks for having me, Nori! Music played a huge role in my life as a teen—so many songs and albums took on deeply personal and almost epic, intoxicating significance, and in fact many of my go-to albums as an adult are those I […]

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EE18ers ~ Ink, Iron, and Glass..

EE18ers ~ Ink, Iron, and Glass Aesthetics by Gwendolyn Clare + Giveaway!

  Character Aesthetics  I love the way steampunk combines technology with an element of fantasy, and being a scientist myself, it was almost inevitable that I’d write a book about mad scientists. But Ink, Iron, and Glass is also very influenced by the enchanting visual aesthetics of Italy, and I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that part of the fun of writing historical fantasy is the chance to play […]

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EE18ers ~ Book Recs for Fans o..

EE18ers ~ Book Recs for Fans of Horror Movies by Emma Berquist!

YA Books Recs for Fans of Horror Movies Nori’s Note: Today is exactly one week from Halloween, so I thought it Emma’s post would be perfect! Now…Get ready for some epic recs!   THE RING + THE GIRL FROM THE WELL by Rin Chupeco. Let’s start with the obvious: if you like ghost stories about murdered girls, try reading THE GIRL FROM THE WELL. Spooky and poetic, Okiku is like […]

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EE18ers ~  Aesthetics + Chara..

EE18ers ~  Aesthetics + Character Interview  w/ Julia Lynn Rubin + Giveaway!

Character Interview + Aesthetics Q: Hi Jack! Thanks so much for agreeing to be interviewed by me, the author. I realize that it might be a bit awkward for you, as you are my character and all, but I promise to do my best and I appreciate you giving this a shot. A: Yeah, cool. It’s no problem. Q: Great. I guess my first question for you would be: When […]

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EE18ers ~ Fun Facts by Rachel..

EE18ers ~ Fun Facts by Rachel Pudelek + Aesthetic + Giveaway!

GODDESSES of FREYJA’S DAUGHTER I wrote Freyja’s Daughter for a specific reason: I love folkloric creatures. While folklore and mythology are fictional, they have roots firmly planted in the dirt of reality. To me, this includes supernatural creatures as well. It’s why I devour urban fantasy and paranormal books, shows, and movies. In all that devouring, though, my stomach growled for something not on the menu. In most of these […]

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EE18ers ~ Character Interview ..

EE18ers ~ Character Interview by Diane Magras + Giveaway!

Character Interview Hi, everyone! I’m the medieval-obsessed author of The Mad Wolf’s Daughter, an epic adventure that takes place over six days in the lowlands of Scotland. This novel has meant a lot to me, fulfilling many current interests, as well as being the kind of book I always wanted to read when I was a kid. I hope you enjoy this character interview (a mock exchange between two of the […]

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EE18ers ~ Music + Dance Playli..

EE18ers ~ Music + Dance Playlist by Gloria Chao!

Dance Playlist! In American Panda, dance is the one place my protagonist can be herself, where age, race, looks, and intelligence don’t matter. When she’s gliding across the floor, she’s not Taiwanese or American—she’s just Mei. I’m so excited to share a collection of my favorite dance routines, many of which I watched for inspiration while writing. (Unfortunately, my favorite Chinese dance routines are not available online.)   Music Playlist! […]

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EE18ers ~ Love, Hate, & O..

EE18ers ~ Love, Hate, & Other Filters Aesthetics by Samira Ahmed + Giveaway!

  Aesthetics *~~About the Author~~* SAMIRA AHMED was born in Bombay, India, and grew up in Batavia, Illinois, in a house that smelled like fried onions, spices, and potpourri. She currently resides in the Midwest. She’s lived in Vermont, New York City, and Kauai, where she spent a year searching for the perfect mango. A graduate of the University of Chicago, she taught high school English for seven years, worked […]

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EE18ers ~ Playlist by Dana Mel..

EE18ers ~ Playlist by Dana Mele + Giveaway!

Music Playlist First of all, I’m really excited to be here and to be sharing a playlist and giving away an ARC of People Like Us!   Music has always been a big part of my life. I’ve been playing piano since I was in elementary school, guitar since junior high, and various instruments in bands since high school, though I switched to recording solo for fun a long time ago. […]

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