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EE18ers ~ Character Interview ..

EE18ers ~ Character Interview by Annie Sullivan + Giveaway!

Character Interview If you’re tired of seeing the same fairytales retold over and over again, then today’s blog is for you. Today, we’re interviewing Princess Kora from Annie Sullivan’s debut young adult fairytale retelling A Touch of Gold. Princess Kora is the daughter of King Midas, and in order to save her kingdom, she has to face cutthroat pirates, thieves, and betrayals to bring back her father’s cursed gold after […]

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EE18ers ~ ROAD TO EUGENICA Aesthetics by A. M. Rose + Giveaway!

Aesthetics Welcome to my first aesthetic post for ROAD TO EUGENICA, a story that started out as a novel written for my amazing niece. The pictures selected represent the heart of the story (as best as a few pictures can reflect the mood, tone, and theme of a three hundred page book J This story is not just about seventeen-year-old Drea and her search to uncover who or what she truly […]

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EE18ers ~ Spotlight Love Songs..

EE18ers ~ Spotlight Love Songs & Other Lies by Jessica Pennington + Giveaway!

  Spotlight       *~~About the Author~~* Jessica Pennington is an epic young adult author and professional romantic. When she’s not writing kissing books, you can find her planning swoon-worthy events as a professional wedding planner and floral designer. Her debut novel, LOVE SONGS & OTHER LIES, will be published April 24, 2018 by Tor Teen/Macmillan. Jessica lives in a Michigan beach town suspiciously similar to the one in […]

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EE18ers ~ Guest Post on 20th C..

EE18ers ~ Guest Post on 20th Century Stunts by Amy Trueblood + Giveaway!

  Guest Post on 20th Century Stunts When people first started beta reading NOTHING BUT SKY I frequently received the same comments in the notes. They went along the lines of something like “No way did someone actually do this stunt” or “It’s not possible to do this trick and not get hurt.” To be honest, I would have said the same exact thing if I didn’t know the background […]

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EE18ers ~ How I Build A Book b..

EE18ers ~ How I Build A Book by C.G. Drews from PAPERFURY + Giveaway!

        Nori’s Note: TODAY IS A SUPER SPECIAL AMAZING DAY, BECAUSE I GET TO FEATURE MY #1 BLOGGER GOAL & SOON TO BE PUBLISHED AUTHOR…THE AMAZING C. G. DREWS!!! I have always looked up to her, and am beyond thrilled to have her on my blog!  How I Build A Book One of the most enchanting thing about the author life is how we all have different ways to […]

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Epic & Enchanting 18ers C..

Epic & Enchanting 18ers Celebration Part 2 + Grand Prize Giveaway!!!

Why hello there everyone!!! I am EXTREMELY excited to be bringing ROUND TWO of the Epic & Enchanting 18ers feature to YOU, starting…tomorrow! Yes, you read that right. Part two of the 2018 debut celebration starts tomorrow! While part one was a month, part 2 is only going to run for 1.5 weeks, but the content is just as great, so you’re NOT going to want to miss out! Are […]

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Can you believe today is the last day of 2017? I truly can’t… I’ll be posting a wrap up of 2017 sometime next week, but for now… I’d like to invite you to… END 2017 WITH A BANG! Some of you might remember this from last year! It’s THREE hours worth of bookish/blogging fun! The first hour will consist of BLOG HOPPING using the hashtag #Commenting365. Whether you are officially participating in the […]

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Epic & Enchanting Eightee..

Epic & Enchanting Eighteeners: The Conclusion!

Hello hello there everyone! I hope you’re all doing well. I was just looking at my Epic & Enchanting Eighteeners (EE18ers) feature that I hosted last month, and realized that somehow, I never posted the conclusion! Even though it’s almost been a month since the feature, I thought it was important to conclude it properly, hence this post! 🙂 I’d like to start by thanking ALL of the AMAZING authors […]

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EE18ers ~ Guest Post by Nisha ..

EE18ers ~ Guest Post by Nisha Sharma!

  Guest Post – The Art of Patience First and foremost, Nori, thanks so much for hosting this amazing blog series! I’m so excited to be sharing a platform with awesome talent. 2018 is going to be epic. ‘My So-Called Bollywood Life’ comes out in May of 2018 with Crown Books for Young Readers and it’s about a Bollywood loving Jersey girl who finds herself at odds with destiny. I […]

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EE18ers ~ Character Interview ..

EE18ers ~ Character Interview + Comics w/ Lee Blauersouth + Giveaway!

Character Interview   Hello, readers! We are pleased to be here today with the teenagers causing epic waves in America’s superhero community. Today with us we have; Opal Flynn, superhero hopeful from Detroit, Yael Meade, child of Helix and also superhero hopeful, Issac Tillman-Voss; son of LodeStar, leader of the Sentinels, and his sister, Jamie Tillman-Voss. Jamie, let’s start with you. What is it like to be the daughter of […]

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