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Favorite Quotes Friday #1!

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I have decided to start a new feature where instead of reviewing books, I highlight a couple of my favorite quotes! I hope you enjoy!


Favorite Quotes Friday #1!The Way to Game the Walk of Shame by Jenn P. Nguyen
Published by Macmillan/Swoon Reads
Publication Date: June 7, 2016
Pages: 306
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Taylor Simmons is screwed.

Things were hard enough when her single-minded dedication to her studies earned her the reputation of being an Ice Queen, but after getting drunk at a party and waking up next to bad boy surfer Evan McKinley, the entire school seems intent on tearing Taylor down with mockery and gossip.

Desperate to salvage her reputation, Taylor persuades Evan to pretend they’re in a serious romantic relationship. After all, it’s better to be the girl who tames the wild surfer than just another notch on his surfboard.


“You think way too much. Just take it one step at a time. You don’t need to have all the answers now.”
“But I do.” I gnawed on my lower lip. That was who I’d always been. I planned things. I prepared for them. I made sure everything I did worked toward my goal…Everything needed to be logical and make sense.

She was an untouchable ice queen, and I was tempted to know what I would have to do to make her melt.

Organization and structured plans aren’t the key to happiness and success. It might make life easier if things were perfect all the time, but they won’t be. You can’t plan everything. Things happen. And that’s okay. You shouldn’t do something just because it’s easy and neat. Because sometimes messy isn’t that bad.

Favorite Quotes Friday #1!Juniper Lemon’s Happiness Index by Julie Israel
Published by Penguin
Publication Date: June 1, 2017
Pages: 338
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It's hard to keep close a person everyone keeps telling you is gone.

It's been sixty-five painful days since the death of Juniper's big sister, Camilla. On her first day back at school, bracing herself for the stares and whispers, Juniper borrows Camie's handbag for luck - and discovers an unsent break-up letter inside. It's mysteriously addressed to 'You' and dated July 4th - the day of Camie's accident. Desperate to learn the identity of Camie's secret love, Juniper starts to investigate.

But then she loses something herself. A card from her daily ritual, The Happiness Index: little notecards on which she rates the day. The Index has been holding Juniper together since Camie's death - but without this card, there's a hole. And this particular card contains Juniper's own secret: a memory that she can't let anyone else find out.

“I’m the un-sugared plum fairy: champion of reality, dosing bad with good. Sometimes unsweetened means raw, but isn’t it more truthful that way?”

All that absence isn’t negative space. It’s the gum that holds the universe together.


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          Excerpt When I was writing THE ACCIDENTAL BAD GIRL, it functioned for me as a kind of rant; an angry kick to the patriarchy’s groin. I was angry that seventh-grade girls were getting sent home from for daring to wear leggings; angry that anyone who reported assault to the authorities would be required to answer questions about their behavior; angry that girls could do everything […]

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