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June SST: All the Feels by Dan..

June SST: All the Feels by Danika Stone Review + Giveaway!!!

REVIEW This book is every fangirl’s dream. It is about Liv, a college freshman who is obsessed with Starveil movies. She lives, breathes, and eats Starveil. So, when her favorite character dies in the last movie of the series, she is heartbroken. She locks herself up in her room and ignores the world- after all, how could she enjoy herself? Her love is gone. Dead. And there is no coming […]

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ARC Review: And I Darken by Ki..

ARC Review: And I Darken by Kiersten White!!!

ARC REVIEW When I first saw the synopsis of And I Darken, I was like… After all- a ruthless princess? A brother versus sister battle for the true definition of home? A slight genderbend of Vlad the Impaler? YES PLEASE! Then, when I saw the cover, I was like… I know that you’re not supposed to judge a book by its’ cover, but come on- we all do it occasionally. […]

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May SST: Summer of Sloane by E..

May SST: Summer of Sloane by Erin L Schneider Review + Giveaway!!!

REVIEW Summer of Sloane is a cute contemporary that took normal cliches and made them even crazier than normal. Let me give you two examples- don’t worry, they’re not really spoilers. First, Sloane’s best friend and her boyfriend hook up behind her back. What horrible people- am I right? Not only that, but it turns out that they weren’t very careful…Yes, you read that correctly. Something unexpected came out of […]

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Five Star Book Review: The Ser..

Five Star Book Review: The Serpent King by Jeff Zentner!!!

REVIEW Wow. I will admit that when I originally heard about The Serpent King, I didn’t think it was a “me” book. But, all of my friends were raving about it, and I saw it at ALAMW, so I figured that I would give it a shot. Let’s just say that I am THRILLED that I decided to read it, because it was amazing. I am sure that this is […]

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Book Review: Please Don’..

Book Review: Please Don’t Tell by Laura Tims!

REVIEW This book. Oh my goodness. How do I even describe it? I truly don’t even know how to put my thoughts into words. The very first page pulled me in. Please Don’t Tell is written in alternating POV’s by a set of twins- Joy and Grace. From the very beginning, their emotions resonated with me. Their voices, so similar yet different, echoed in my head without stopping. This is […]

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May SST: Genius- The Game Revi..

May SST: Genius- The Game Review + Giveaway!!!

I’m so excited to be featuring Genius: The Game by Leopoldo Gout as part of the Sunday Street Team! REVIEW I really enjoyed this book. Imagine three teens, living in three very different places around the world, who are best friends. They met online, because they’re all geniuses in their respective fields- coding, spying, and engineering. While they’ve never met in real life, they act like family. One day, they find […]

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ARC Review: Summer of Supernov..

ARC Review: Summer of Supernovas by Darcy Woods!!!

REVIEW I picked up Summer of Supernovas on a day where I needed a light contemporary that would make me smile. As the synopsis sounded awesome, and Darcy, the author, is super sweet, I really hoped that SOS (haha I love that acronym) would be great. I’m happy to report that not only did it make me smile, but it made me laugh! SUMMER OF SUPERNOVAS starts with a countdown. […]

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Blog Tour: The Mirror King by ..

Blog Tour: The Mirror King by Jodi Meadows: Review + Giveaway!!!

I bet you’re not surprised to see me featuring The Mirror King on my blog! If you are surprised, check out my review of The Orphan Queen, and you’ll understand why I NEEDED to feature this book. REVIEW I tried putting my thoughts on The Mirror King into words, but it just didn’t go well. Have you ever read a book like that? A book that is just so amazing […]

ARC Review: Daughters of Ruin ..

ARC Review: Daughters of Ruin by K.D. Castner!!!

REVIEW From the moment that I read the synopsis of DAUGHTERS OF RUIN, I knew that I absolutely HAD to read it! It sounded like everything I wanted in a book- Princesses? Enemy kingdoms? Sign me up please! I was lucky enough to snag a copy at ALAMW16, and I was freaking out because I was oh so looking forward to it. Unfortunately, it didn’t live up to my expectations…at […]

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Double Mini Reviews- Sword �..

MINI REVIEW Can you imagine a world where only the highest people in power are allowed to write? Literally, no one knows how to write, except the royalty. It is a sad world, a world where hierarchy means everything- slaves have virtually no rights, unless they are lucky enough to be picked as a Tutor. If they are, they can then learn how to write, in order to help tutor […]

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