Nori’s Back! Let’s Celebrate Together!

Posted May 16, 2020 by Nori in My Features / 3 Comments

Hello everyone! Long time no talk.

Today is a special day for me…and I wanted to celebrate it with you all. Today is the day I was supposed to celebrate my undergraduate graduation. 

It was supposed to be a day that I could celebrate with my friends and family…A day where I could say goodbye to one chapter of my life and hello to a new chapter. 

But, as I’m sure you have guessed, that’s not what today holds. Instead, today is a day that I’m spending at home with my parents and dog, watching a Facebook Live conferral of degree.

Over the past four years, I haven’t been on my blog much, nor have I been on my Twitter account. I’ve been quite busy.

So I wanted to take today to write a post about two things. First, what I’ve been up to since entering college.

I could go on and on about the past four years, and if you’re curious, I can definitely make many more posts about my time! But for now, I want to share a couple of highlights.

  1. I started a business with my classmates
  2. I made friends from all over the world 
  3. I became obsessed with kpop (and went to KCON NYC)
  4. I held two summer internships
  5. I became president of my college’s Student Government
  6. I traveled to Japan and Israel
  7. I signed a full time offer for consulting post graduation
  8. I graduated with the highest honors

Second, now that I’m entering a new part of my life, I want to set a goal for myself to take time to find my passion for reading and blogging again. I’ve missed you all and I cannot wait to get back!


Now I get to ask for your help! What type of content are you interested in reading? What books have recently released that I should pick up? How are you doing? 

Let me know in the comments below, and if you want to catch up, feel free to also DM me on Twitter! <3


3 responses to “Nori’s Back! Let’s Celebrate Together!

  1. I’m so sorry that all this is happening during your graduation year. You should be out having fun and celebrating. A very BIG CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I hope you were able to creatively celebrate :).

    I emailed you last year about reading a novel I released. The ebook is available on amazon for free today through Monday (Beyond the Rift, by K. J. Simpson). It’s a YA Fantasy. I’ll be releasing my next novel soon. (Hvaldi).

    CONGRATULATIONS again! I’m not sure what state you are in but hopefully it will be opening up soon and you can have a belated party to celebrate your accomplishment.

  2. Congratulations! Sounds like you have been killing it for the past four years, and I wish endless success as you start the next chapter.

  3. Welcome back Nori!! Sorry I missed the RWQN chat the other day!! I truly feel terrible for all of you college grads that can’t experience the closure and celebration that we all got. Hopefully when this is all over you can have a meet-up with your friends at your college and do a goodbye right.

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