Happy New Year! A Life Update + 2020 Goals

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Why HELLO THERE to everyone!



It turns out that I haven’t posted on my blog for over a year, so to those of you still with me, THANK YOU! My blog and the entire book community is extremely precious to me and so I thought that the best way to celebrate the new year was with a new post!

As such, this post is going to have two parts! First, I’m going to give a brief life update to catch you all up with what I’ve been up to over the past year! Then, I’m going to announce my goals for 2020 🙂

Overview of 2019:

These are some of the random things that happened during the year! 

  1. I posted exactly zero times on this blog (I’m so sorry about that :((( )
  2. I had my first trip outside of the US that wasn’t to the Caribbean!
  3. I accepted a job offer post-graduation!
  4. I learned that I am really interested in Media Studies books!
  5. I went to KCON NY which was my first kpop concert!
  6. I won a group business analytics hackathon!
  7. I had a great summer internship experience and got to live at home for a couple of months (and I <3 my family so this was a plus 😉 )
  8. I consulted for a startup!
  9. I walked a 5K for charity!
  10. I saw some seals in San Diego!
  11. I was an orientation group leader for the first time!
  12. I had four ice cream macarons (aka the best dessert ever)!
  13. I got to plan my first trip to Asia (coming up soon!)
  14. I got to meet my favorite music group in person!
  15. I reunited with two friends that I hadn’t seen for over a year!
  16. I came in second place on a March Madness bracket and first place (during the regular season) of a Fantasy Football league (while knowing NOTHING about those sports)!
  17. I tried Cheese Foam bubble tea for the first time!
  18. I received sunflowers from a formal date!
  19. I got to travel a lot! Outside of the country, San Diego, Chicago, DisneyWorld, and more 🙂


Now, for my 2 goals for 2020! 

(You all get why I picked 2 goals for 2020…right? 😉 )


In order to truly accomplish this, I’m hoping that YOU ALL will help to update me with what I’ve missed over the past year!

2) Stay true to my two mantras:

Why Not Me? Aka, nothing is impossible! If someone else can accomplish something, so can I!

Progress, Not Perfection! Aka, don’t be afraid to start or finish something! It’s better to make progress and keep working hard rather than to never try or never finish because it could be better. Have faith in what you do because YOU ARE AMAZING!


So…that’s it for this post! I hope this gave you an inside look into what I’ve been up to over the past year! 🙂

In the comments below, please let me know what YOUR favorite moments from 2019 were, or share your goals for 2020! I can’t wait to read them!




2 responses to “Happy New Year! A Life Update + 2020 Goals

  1. Sounds like a busy year! I’m so proud of you for getting a good job after graduation. I miss you so much! We need to find a way to hang out again soon because I haven’t seen you since BookCon Chicago. I’m so glad you’re blogging again because I love checking back here and seeing new posts to read.

    Yay! My goal is to also post more on my blog! I dropped off as well from being busy. I love the phrase “Progress Over Perfection”. I have to keep reminding myself that when I’m writing my novel.

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