IT’S MY 4TH BLOGOVERSARY & I’m Hosting a Giveaway! :D

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WOW. WOW. WOW. I originally started this blog in the middle of high school. Back then, I never imagined how much of an impact creating this blog would have on my life. And yet, here I am, four years later, in the middle of college, still *somewhat* updating my blog. 

It seems like I’ve been blogging forever, yet at the same time, it feels like I started just yesterday. Over the past four years, my blog has definitely changed, and I have had many different ‘phases.’ There was the book meme phase, the street team phase, the blog tour phase, the ‘post everyday’ phase, and I don’t regret one bit of it.

To be completely frank, over the past year, I haven’t accomplished too much on my blog, and I’m okay with that. I love my blog, I love the book community, and I certainly love books. Yet, as I am growing older, I have to prioritize my academics and future career, especially as I am going into business. I am beyond grateful that the community is still super supportive of me, even when I cannot spend quite as much time as I used to on the blog & Twitter.

But that’s enough of the sad stuff. It’s time for some fun numbers and shout-outs of course!

ReadWriteLove28 By The Numbers:

  • Total Blog Views: 115,113
  • Twitter Followers: 5,354
  • Instagram Followers: 723
  • WordPress Followers: 664
  • Bloglovin Followers: 508
  • Goodreads Friends: 488
  • Pinterest Followers: 224

I’d also like to give some special shout outs to some members of the book community who I feel honored to call my friends.

My Quartet: @YAFantasyFan / @BetweenDPages   / @miss_melissalee

My Inspirations: @PaperFury / @ShannonMiz  / @thebooktraveler

Book Buddies: @lit_legionnaire / @chasingfaes / @dduffield75 / @readbyanna / @AditiNichani /  @thebooksbuzz / @deannareads / @bayy_2455 / @blamethebooks / @dailyjulianne / @skizzles22 / @sajdao/ @kcmmp13 / @abackwardsstory / @awkwordlyemma

Author Loves:  @jodimeadows / @susherevans / @SG_Marsh / @jules_chronicle / @amandafoody /  @writer_carrie / @Jkagawa / @stdennard

And now it’s time for a GIVEAWAY!!!

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6 responses to “IT’S MY 4TH BLOGOVERSARY & I’m Hosting a Giveaway! :D

  1. Dizneeee

    Happy anniversary!!! 4 years sometimes seems like it was yesterday, but can also seem 40 years ago! Hehehe!

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