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Aesthetics + Meet the Characters!


What better way to learn about PEMBRIM: THE HIDDEN ALCOVE than to get to know my characters, their world and the questions that lead to their darkest secrets?


First of all, I would like you to meet Halia, of the ground people, although she’ll never take liking to that label. One might say she’s controlled by her curious tendencies, vulnerable heart and sarcastic ways. All of which would be utterly and entirely true. She spends her life questing purpose, mystery and adventure, but with a life expectancy of just twenty years, she’s running out of time. What happens when purpose, mystery and the life she’s destined to live finds her?


When Zander Dibble, otherwise known as ‘black boots’, saunters through the corridors of Halia’s high school, she notices something divergent about him instantly. It isn’t the way he dresses in all black or his twinkling blue eyes, but a crumpled map, with numbers 1 – 13, sticking out from within his dusty, leather tome. The very same map she saw in her dream the night before. But how could she dream of a map before she’s ever seen it? Where do those thirteen steps lead? And, what does a boy she’s never seen before have to do with it?



Throughout the hints and tribulations that lead Halia to the hidden alcove, she falls upon her first contact with Luka. The first impression one gets upon meeting Luka, a previous hunter of the M’deian water clan, is that although his heart is pure, he is troubled with secrets. For one who denies he’s capable of feeling love, his eyes show nothing less. He claims to be an ehawee, one who lives alone. But really, he lives his days in hiding, which begs the question… What is it that he’s hiding from?



Maybe it has something to do with Chief Tyurokai, the long ruling chief of M’deia, two hundred and thirty-five years, to be exact. A king, if you will. One who is never questioned, one who is respected among all, the one who lead the underwater tribes to safety after the destruction and ruin of their previous home. But is his past truly clean of secrets? Or could he be the one to blame for the death of his own son and the mother of his unborn grandchild?

 This is how I’d pictured Chief Tyurokai to look, adding some gills, scales, a fin mohawk, barnacle pointed shoulders and emerald green skin of course!



Now, I would like to introduce you to their world. The enchanting M’deian water clan live in a beautiful, glowing world. They survive among alluring creatures, ghastly beasts, floating coral mountains, frost breathing baby dragons, living seaweed that tickles whoever lands within it, nibbling moss-rays, a stone clan and the deathly abyssai, a bottomless pit in the ocean floor, it homes monsters not even they know they live amongst… If you could live in this world, or the world above ground, which one would you choose?


Each member of the M’deian water clan are born with a spirit companion, a creature that lives alongside them every day, a creature that hunts with them and protects them, a creature bonded to them so strongly that nothing could ever break it. Not even in death do they part, for if a spirit companion is killed, the warrior their spirit is connected to dies the same death, and if a warrior is injured, the companion of their spirit will share their pain. The above are just a few of the creatures that live alongside the M’deian water clan, all with their own strengths and weaknesses. There has only ever been one warrior in all time that was born without a spirit companion, and now, he is the most powerful of all. 



Though this world may not be all it seems, for Halia soon learns about a family heirloom, a timepiece blessed by the power of her father’s blood, with it comes the power to turn back time only once. But, amidst her father’s untimely death, it is stolen by an unhinged and murderous mind known as Matawe. The blessing of the timepiece is but a curse in unrighteous hands, giving Matawe something he’s never had… power. More power than every warrior combined at that. First, he turns the tribes to stone. Next, he wants Halia dead. When Halia comes face to face with her fears, will she finally have the chance to go back in time and save both the stone tribe and her parents’ from their unfortunate deaths, or will Matawe rip her heart from her chest before she can?



PEMBRIM: THE HIDDEN ALCOVE is set to release in Autumn of 2018 and will be available on Amazon and my personal website:




*~~About the Author~~*

Bree Lenehan is an Australian radio personality, singer and author. Her passion for creativity and mixing magic with transformative morale through the power of words flows through all of her work. She may not have found the wardrobe to Narnia, the Bridge to Terebithia or received a letter from Hogwarts, but she did fall upon the passage to Moa’s Rock. The world inside Bree’s first novel PEMBRIM: THE HIDDEN ALCOVE came to her many years ago, in the backwoods of her grandparents’ property, where she stumbled upon a secret waterhole that became her daily escape from the real world.
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