The 365 Commenting Challenge: 2018 Edition!!!

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HELLO to all of my readers out there! If you’ve been around for awhile, you might remember that I hosted the 365 commenting challenge in 2016. It took a hiatus in 2017, but I am READY TO GO with hosting it for 2018!!! If you’re not familiar with the challenge, don’t worry! I’ll explain all of the details below.


I originally had the idea for the challenge when I realized that I talked to TONS of bloggers on Twitter, but I didn’t always check out their blogs! At the same time, I wondered why so few people looked at my blog. That’s when I realized the true disconnect between Twitter and blogs. Most of the book bloggers that I’m friends with started with their blog then added Twitter, yet why is it that their Twitter is more popular? That’s when I had a light bulb moment.


What better way to encourage others (and myself) to visit new blogs than to make a CHALLENGE out of it?


Now that you’ve heard the backstory, let me explain the details:

  • This challenge runs from January 1, 2018 – December 31, 2018
  • The goal is to visit and COMMENT on 365 blogs
    • While the number of comments may seem high, it’s important to remember QUALITY > QUANTITY
  • While my focus will be visiting book blogs, ANY blog can count! (ex: food, lifestyle)
  • You can visit/comment on one blog per day, or do multiple on some days and skip others!


You may be wondering…”How am I supposed to find 365 blogs to visit?”

That’s where this awesome google form comes in! 🙂

If you are interested in…

  1. Participating in the challenge
  2. Having participants visit your blog
  3. BOTH


Fill out the google form embedded below! If it doesn’t work, you can also view the form by clicking HERE.

To check out the MEGA SPREADSHEET with all of the blog links…


I hope you are just as excited as I am about this challenge! It was super fun two years ago and I found lots of new AMAZING blogs.

So, will you be joining the challenge? Let me know in the comments below!

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51 responses to “The 365 Commenting Challenge: 2018 Edition!!!

  1. Thanks for hosting Nori! I am so excited to join in this challenge again. It was a little tough but also so rewarding last time. I met so many new bloggers and expanded my audience.

  2. I’ll be the odd one out and say I’m not doing the challenge because bookish/blogging challenges in general stress me out. Also I seem to have terrible luck when I visit new blogs and get ignored more often than not it seems 🙁 But I added my blog to the list so that people can visit me and then I can visit them in return and make some new blogger friends that way! And if I were going to do a challenge, this one sounds like a great one!

  3. Just signed up for both! One of my blogging resolutions/goals is to leave more comments and interact with bloggers next year so this is right up my street!

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  5. Hi Nori,
    I am still fairly new to the community, and so I am going to be using this to talk to peeps and make friends. Thank you for creating this challenge. Kind of nervous (a lot of nervousness, to be honest). It sounds like a rewarding experience. (I signed up through the document, and followed you on Twitter! Hope we get to talk and be buddies).

  6. This is an interesting challenge! I signed up. 🙂 The comments are chill and everything, but I’m hoping to meet some new bloggers along the way of this challenge. <3

  7. […] This is a challenge that goes well with my efforts in the discussion posts challenge. I’m sure to find many new bloggers that way. This will give me a double incentive to check in on my fellow discussions. Also Nori has created a list of bloggers who are participating with a spreadsheet and everything! I’ve tried it out and it is fun and I already found a blogger to follow!! You can still sign up too!! […]

  8. Sabrina Fox

    I signed up! I am so excited for this. I love your masterlist because I’ve been trying to find new blogs as well!

  9. Just signed up for both! One of my blogging resolutions/goals is to leave more comments and interact with bloggers next year so this is right up my street!

  10. This is a great challenge and an amazing opportunity! Looking forward this adventure! 😉 I’m going and counting how many days are left of the year to see how many comment per day I have to leave somewhere.. 🙂 🙂

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