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EE18ers ~ Playlist by Kit Frick!See All the Stars by Kit Frick
Published by McElderry Books
Publication Date: 2018
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THEN They were four—Bex, Jenni, Ellory, Ret. (Venus. Earth. Moon. Sun.) Electric, headstrong young women; Ellory’s whole solar system.

NOW Ellory is alone, her once inseparable group of friends torn apart by secrets, deception, and a shocking incident that changed their lives forever.

THEN Lazy summer days. A party. A beautiful boy. Ellory met Matthias and fell into the beginning of a spectacular, bright love.

NOW Ellory returns to Pine Brook to navigate senior year after a two-month suspension and summer away—no boyfriend, no friends. No going back. Tormented by some and sought out by others, troubled by a mysterious note-writer who won’t let Ellory forget, and consumed by guilt over her not entirely innocent role in everything and everyone she’s lost, Ellory finds that even in the present, the past is everywhere.

The path forward isn’t a straight line. And moving on will mean sorting the truth from the lies—the ones Ellory’s been telling herself.


Hi all! I’m so excited to be over on ReadWriteLove28 today sharing a playlist for my debut novel, See All the Stars (S&S/McElderry Books, Summer 2018). Thanks for having me, Nori!

Music played a huge role in my life as a teen—so many songs and albums took on deeply personal and almost epic, intoxicating significance, and in fact many of my go-to albums as an adult are those I discovered in high school. I still connect with them as much for the emotional resonance as for the music itself.

So, it’s fitting that music is ever-present in the lives of Ellory and her friends in See All the Stars. The playlist I’ve put together is curated directly from the pages of the book. Every song, album, or artist included here gets a mention in See All the Stars, and I’ve organized the playlist in order of appearance, so you can follow along as you read. (Truth time: deciding to organize in this way chafed a bit against my sonic sensibilities. 2Pac followed by Jeff Buckley!? But in deed, songs by those two artists both make an appearance at the same party in the book’s opening chapter—the first booming from the speakers, the second in Ellory’s head as a snippet of painful memory.) The songs you’ll hear range from those found in Ret’s record collection to the old CD collection in the Fit to Be Thai’ed kitchen to the tracks on Ellory’s Best Ever Summer Playlist, and more.

Before we get to the playlist itself, three fun bits of trivia:

1) In addition to the many real artists within its pages, See All the Stars also includes three fictional bands:

  • Golden Jackal, a new band from Pittsburgh that Ellory thinks is kind of “meh” (not to be confused with the very real The Golden Jackals, a 4 piece death jazz band!)
  • My Name Is Molly, an indie band from Philly that Matthias deems to be “worth checking out” now, before they get signed and inevitably sell out to the corporate machine
  • The Rocket Pops, Matthias’s dad’s old band, now dissolved

2) A few artists didn’t make the playlist cut, most often because the reference in the book is to the artist as a person (and not to a song or album) or because the song was such an odd fit for the rest of the list (sorry Dead Kennedys and “Luck be a Lady”). But superfans can scour the pages for the following (listed here in order of appearance):

  • Taylor Swift
  • KMFDM Symbols
  • Usher
  • Ariana Grande
  • Pussy Riot
  • Miley Cyrus
  • Freddie Mercury
  • Robert Plant
  • Guys and Dolls “Luck Be a Lady”
  • Hanson

3) See All the Stars includes mentions of three artists or writers who were living when I initially drafted the novel and have since passed away:

  • David Bowie
  • Prince
  • Denis Johnson

Maybe I shouldn’t be allowed to include any pop cultural references in my next book?

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Without further ado, here’s your See All the Stars soundtrack! I hope you enjoy.


*~~About the Author~~*

Kit Frick is a novelist, poet, and MacDowell Colony fellow. Originally from Pittsburgh, PA, she studied creative writing at Sarah Lawrence College and received her MFA from Syracuse University. When she isn’t putting complicated characters in impossible situations, Kit edits poetry and literary fiction for a small press, edits for private clients, and mentors emerging writers through Pitch Wars. Her debut young adult novel is See All the Stars (Simon & Schuster / Margaret K. McElderry Books, summer 2018), and her debut full-length poetry collection is A Small Rising Up in the Lungs (New American Press, fall 2018). Visit her online at and find her on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest @kitfrick. (photo credit: Carly Gaebe / Steadfast Studio)

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    I liked the post today and the playlist. The music selection is very diverse and that means this book will have emotional depth to it that I will love.

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