EE18ers ~ Fun Facts by Rachel Pudelek + Aesthetic + Giveaway!

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EE18ers ~ Fun Facts by Rachel Pudelek + Aesthetic + Giveaway!Freyja's Daughter (Wild Women, #1) by Rachel Pudelek
Publication Date: April 2018

Launching a new fierce-feminist fantasy series, FREYJA’S DAUGHTER introduces us to Faline Fry, a bounty hunter and member of the Washington huldra coterie, who must unite the succubae, harpies, mermaids, and rusalki to rescue her sister and escape the clutches of the Hunters, the mysterious men who have been controlling the wild women for centuries.


I wrote Freyja’s Daughter for a specific reason: I love folkloric creatures.

While folklore and mythology are fictional, they have roots firmly planted in the dirt of reality. To me, this includes supernatural creatures as well. It’s why I devour urban fantasy and paranormal books, shows, and movies. In all that devouring, though, my stomach growled for something not on the menu.

In most of these stories, the main folkloric creatures derive from a male-dominate mythology. The two main creatures being vampires and werewolves (which I adore, by the way) are usually a part of packs or groups where the males are on top, are the alphas, the most powerful in the group. I saw the need for stories including epic folkloric women who were fierce and answered to no man. Female creatures who operated according to different types of hierarchal structures, more similar to the ancient egalitarian and matrilineal cultures. Female creatures whose morals and ideals on life and nature do not fit the patriarchal pattern of domination and power. Females very much like Wonder Woman.

But, as I said, oftentimes mythology finds its roots in reality. While my book is a patchwork quilt of lesser known folklore combined with my own imagination, it’s also woven with the very real history of overthrown goddess temples, witch hunts, and women’s oppression.

The folkloric women in Freyja’s Daughter can trace their lineage back to high priestesses who worked in goddess temples. As patriarchy and the gods of male-dominated cultures spread across the world, each goddess breathed a fraction of her power and abilities into her high priestesses, creating these folkloric women. Soon after, the goddesses and their temples were forgotten by humans. The folkloric women continued the work of their goddesses, helping, healing, and protecting humans. Eventually, through the Inquisitions and witch hunts, they too had their histories skewed and their wild spirits crushed by oppression. Hundreds of years later, though, one huldra, Faline, will risk her life to help each and every folkloric woman come out of hiding and use her abilities to smash the patriarchal organization responsible for her oppression.

While the story of each goddess breathing her abilities into her high priestesses is of my own design, the goddesses and types of folkloric women are not. I included goddesses worshipped in ancient times throughout the world.

Today I’m sharing with you the epic creatures in Freyja’s Daughter and the goddess they worship.

Huldra—Forest women; able to cover their skin in bark and grow branches from their hands and feet; protectors of the forest; most popularly spoke of in Norse folklore; created by the goddess Freyja.

Succubae—Empathic women; able to manipulate and absorb energy to heal others; created by the goddess Lilith.

Mermaids—Aquatic women; able to shift their legs to a tail and cover their skin in scales; brings needed rains inland for crops and growth; created by the goddess Atargatis.

Harpies—Women able to sprout bird-like wings, feathers, and talons; monitors the safety of others from the sky; created by the goddess Inanna.

Rusalki—Women tied to nature; able to read minds, practice divination to give instruction to those needing direction, and shorten lives; most popularly spoke of in Russian folklore; created by the goddess Mokosh.         

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  1. danielle hammelef

    I’m excited to read about women in control in folktales. I agree that men are overwhelming in folktales–maybe because women scared them too much and men fought to keep them down. I enjoyed reading this explanation today.

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