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Music Playlist

First of all, I’m really excited to be here and to be sharing a playlist and giving away an ARC of People Like Us!


Music has always been a big part of my life. I’ve been playing piano since I was in elementary school, guitar since junior high, and various instruments in bands since high school, though I switched to recording solo for fun a long time ago. Now I mostly make a ton of playlists, a leftover habit from my short stint as a college radio dj and a long history of making soundtracks to represent important events and eras of my life.


Everything I write has at least one playlist, and my debut People Like Us has three. This one is character-based. It has songs I associate with main characters, chemistry between them, and keys scenes featuring them. Most playlists I make jump genre and era, so it bounces all over the place. This is a psychological thriller, but it’s also a story of romance, cutthroat competition, and epic frenemyship, so that’s very present in the music.


So, here it is. People Like Us: The Character Playlist. I don’t want to give too much info about which songs go with which characters and scenes because spoilers. But definitely check the playlist as you read 😉


1. Temptation Waits  Garbage
2. How To Be A Heartbreaker  Marina and the Diamonds
3. Academia  Sia
4. Seeing Other People  Belle and Sebastian
5. Nothing Better  The Postal Service
6. Drop Dead Gorgeous  Republica
7. Friends Like Mine  The Donnas
8. I’m Not Calling You A Liar  Florence and the Machine
9.You Know I’m No Good  Amy Winehouse
10. Littlest Things  Lily Allen
11. Prince
12. Perfect World Liz Phair
13. Rid of Me  PJ Harvey
14. Why Do I Lie?  Luscious Jackson
15. Who Knew?  Pink
16.  Angels  the xx

*~~About the Author~~*

Dana Mele is a Pushcart-nominated writer and a work at home mother. A graduate of Wellesley College, she is a former actor, lawyer, musician, and briefly, associate producer. She prefers tea to coffee, snow to sand, and stars to sunshine, and she lives in the Catskills with her husband and toddler.
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4 responses to “EE18ers ~ Playlist by Dana Mele + Giveaway!

  1. danielle hammelef

    I currently play flute in our Community Band and music has always been a part of my life too. Thanks for the playlist to give me an idea about the mood of this book. This is going to be fun to read.

  2. I’ve been dying to read this book ever since I read the synopsis! A murder investigation and a private school setting? Now that’s bound to be interesting! Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

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