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Character Interview with Wendarien Aidar-Holt

In Beneath the Haunting Sea, Talia gets banished to the Ruen-Dahr, a dreary mansion on the edge of the ocean, where she meets the Baron’s son, Wen. He’s a musician and can get a little angsty.

We find Wen in the music room, of course, bleary-eyed behind his spectacles, ink spotting his fingers. He’s sitting at his raina, scribbling notes on staff paper, and looks up with not-at-all-disguised annoyance at being interrupted.

Joanna: What are you working on?

Wendarien: My symphony.

Joanna: The same one you’ve been writing for years? Do you think you’ll ever finish it?

Wendarien: Yes, the same one. I can never seem to get it to sound like it does in my head, but I hope to finish.

Joanna: It’s unfortunate that no one will ever hear it because you threw away your chance to go to University.

Wendarien: Did my father send you here? He knows why I chose not to go, even if he doesn’t believe me, and it’s none of your business. So.

Joanna: Fair enough. What do you think of Talia? We hear you didn’t get off to a very good start.

Wendarien: She surprised me, is all. I wasn’t expecting her.

Joanna: But what’s your impression of her? What’s she like?

Wendarien: She’s strong and sad. She asks too many questions. There’s a strangeness clinging to her—something I don’t quite understand.

Joanna: Tell us about the house, the Ruen-Dahr. It’s epically old, isn’t it?

Wendarien: Centuries old. They say it was built on the very spot where the mythical Tree lay long ago.

Joanna: Do you believe it’s haunted?

Wendarien: It’s filled with memory, and power, but that’s not the same thing.

Joanna: Then why is the door at the top of the tower locked?

Wendarien: Some things are best forgotten, and my father thinks that’s one of them.

Joanna: You don’t agree?

Wendarien: I know the danger of the old stories. Words have power, meaning. But my father locks away things he doesn’t understand instead of trying to see, instead of listening.

Joanna: And you believe the old stories?

Wendarien: Like I said, words have power. People shouldn’t dismiss the myths out of hand.

Joanna: What do you plan on doing with your life, since you won’t be attending University?

Wendarien: Would you stop going on about that? I’ll live here, in the Ruen-Dahr, until… until I get married. Then I’ll retire to my holding and play music for the sheep, I suppose.

Joanna: And Talia?

Wendarien: Talia’s life is her own. She has nothing to do with me.

Joanna: If you say so. One last question: if you could go anywhere in the world, see or do anything at all, what would it be?

Wendarien: I’d go to Halda, climb the tallest mountain peak, and listen to the wind. They say it sings the music of the old days. I want to hear it.


*~~About the Author~~*

Joanna Ruth Meyer lives with her dear husband and son in Arizona, where it never rains (or at least not often enough for her!). When she’s not writing, she can be found teaching piano lessons, drinking copious amounts of tea, reading thick books, and dreaming of winter. Her work is represented by Sarah Davies of Greenhouse Literary. 

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    I love reading books that have musically inclined characters. This interview was fun and a great way to get a feel for the book mood too.

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