Introducing…Epic & Enchanting Eighteeners- a MONTH LONG DEBUT CELEBRATION!!!!!!

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HELLO HELLO EVERYONE!!!! I am BEYOND excited to kick off my favorite feature of the year, where I host debut authors for the upcoming year on my blog for a FULL MONTH! Yes, you read that right. There will be new content from amazing authors each and every day of October!!!

Are you excited??? You should be! Last year, I hosted the Sweet & Swanky 17ers, and the year prior, I hosted the Sweet & Sassy 16ers! I must admit– this year’s lineup is just as good as the previous years, if not better! ;P

This month will be filled with guest posts, interviews, aesthetic posts, character interviews, and more! 😀

In case you forgot, there’s something pretty special about this feature. You see, all of the posts will include the word epic or enchanting somewhere! It’s up to YOU to figure out which word is hidden in the post, and receive points on the SUPER AMAZING GRAND PRIZE GIVEAWAY everyday!!! Yes, you can get points EVERYDAY. Now, if that’s not enough to get you excited and paying attention…I don’t know what will.

Hmmm, maybe…

Yeah, those puppies will bring a smile to just about everyone’s face. Now that you’re smiling, are you ready to gasp in shock over how INCREDIBLE the grand prize giveaway is this year?!?

And don’t forget, most authors are hosting an individual giveaway to go along with their post, so make sure to enter those giveaways as well as the grand prize giveaway! 😀

So…are you ready to meet some INCREDIBLY EPIC AND ENCHANTING 18ERS?????

If you are, stay tuned and make sure to check out the blog tomorrow, because that’s when you get to meet the first featured author!



Now let’s see this GRAND PRIZE GIVEAWAY!!!

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3 responses to “Introducing…Epic & Enchanting Eighteeners- a MONTH LONG DEBUT CELEBRATION!!!!!!

  1. danielle hammelef

    I’m participating in the 2017 debut author challenge with That Artsy Reader Girl blog and so far, the books I’ve read have been my favorites this year–so yes, I’m super excited about 2018ers!!

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