Taking A Look Back at 2016…

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Hello everyone!!! Guess what? I finally scheduled some posts so there will be some great *new* content coming your way soon!

I wanted to start by apologizing for my unofficial hiatus. As most of you know, I started college this fall! I’m happy to report that I love it, but it doesn’t give me much time to blog. So, if I don’t have blog posts up as often as I used to, now you know why!

As my hiatus was unplanned, I never had a chance to wrap up 2016, so *spoiler alert* that’s what my next couple of posts will be about!

First up is a look back at my 2016 Resolutions…

1. Read Tamora Pierce Challenge
The Goal: to reread ALL of Tamora Pierce’s books in 2016!
The Result: I read all of the Emelan books!!! But unfortunately, I didn’t have a chance to read any of the Tortall books. So…I failed. Oops? 😛

2. Continue the Sunday Street Team and make it even better!
The Result: Well, I did continue the SST! But unfortunately I didn’t have time for a December AOTM, nor a January or February 2017 AOTM. Hopefully I’ll be able to improve my record and get the SST up and running by March!

3. Comment 365 Challenge!
The Goal: Comment on 365 blogs!!!
The Result: hahahahahahaha nope. Maybe I reached 150?

4. Host the Book Blogger Creativity Project again- and do it better.
The Result: Well, I hosted it again! But, personally I don’t think it was better…It kinda fell to shambles…oops?

Okay. At this point I’m starting to feel…

So I’m going to skip over the rest of my resolutions from last year that I failed at and instead focus on the ones that I succeeded in doing!

Shhhhh it’s a secret. Don’t tell anyone!

1. I hosted Bookitcon: Chapter Two and it was awesome!!!!

2. Statistics
I reached 4,000 Twitter followers!

3. Debut Author Challenge
My goal was to read at least 12 debuts and I KICKED BUTT ON THAT GOAL!!! Most of my 2016 reads were debut authors!

Okay, but all jokes aside, when I look at my 2016 resolutions, I notice that I barely accomplished any of them.

But, if you asked me how I felt about my blog in 2016, I would say that it was successful!

So, what does that mean? I guess I’m trying to convince myself (and you all) that it’s okay to fail in your resolutions. Just because something was your goal at one point doesn’t mean that it has to ALWAYS be your goal! It’s okay to do something different as long as you’re happy!

Now, with that being said…stay tuned to my blog…because Thursday’s post is going to be about 2017 resolutions. 😛 Let’s see if I’ll actually complete them this year!

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  1. Lynnette

    I love this post! I think it’s wonderful that you are focusing on what you have accomplished and what you will accomplish instead of what you haven’t. That’s something everyone can apply to their life. 🙂

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