Sweet & Swanky 17ers~ Introducing…Karen McManus and a Character Interview from One Of Us Is Lying!

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Character Interview

Simon is a pivotal character in ONE OF US IS LYING, but readers don’t get to spend much time with him. His last interview before that fateful detention might provide a few clues about why five students walked in, but only four walked out.

Simon, you’re the creator of Bayview High’s notorious gossip app, About That. Why did you build an app in the first place? Why not a web site?
Because it’s not 2008. (Long pause). Is this seriously the level of question I’m going to get? I have other things I could be doing, you know.

Sorry. But where did you learn how to build an app?
At a Silicon Valley coding camp during spring break sophomore year. Highly recommended for swanky parents with money to burn who want to get rid of their kids for a week while also giving them a competitive edge.

Why did you decide to start posting gossip about your classmates?
It’s a public service. For example: you tutor Reggie Crawley, don’t you? Wouldn’t you rather know he has a camera in his bedroom?

Me getting anywhere near the bedroom of perpetual stoner Reggie Crawley is about as likely as you growing a conscience.
First, congratulations on not having completely horrible taste in guys. Second, everyone I write about brings it upon themselves. If people didn’t lie and cheat, I’d be out of business.

I hear you’re spilling some major secrets this week. Can you give me a preview?
It’s going to be epic. I’ve outdone myself this time, featuring four of Bayview High’s best-known students. Here, I made you a list:

  • Bronwyn: Gunning for Yale since she was eight. Pathological rule-follower.
  • Cooper: All-Star pitcher with a classic over-involved parent.
  • Addy: Homecoming princess. Appears fused to her boyfriend.
  • Nate: Probably getting arrested as we speak.

Really? You’ve got something on those four? I mean … Nate, sure, but the rest of them?
Let’s just say—none of them are what they seem. Including Nate. And by this Friday, everyone at Bayview High will know why.

So what’s the dirt?
Oh, come on. I’m not spoiling my own app.

Any concerns one of them might come after you? They’ve got a lot to lose.
Please. This crew barely shares a brain cell between them.

Bronwyn’s GPA is higher than yours. Cooper’s in a few honors classes, and—
Look, you’re missing the point, which is that Bayview High is full of mindless, walking clichés and these four are no exception. They won’t like it, but what are they going to do? It’s the truth, and you know what people say about the truth.

It’s stranger than fiction?
That’s not where I was headed, but … sure. Let’s go with that. So, this has been riveting, but I’ve got some programming to finish. Be sure to turn on your About That notifications on Friday. You won’t want to miss this.

*~~About the Author~~*

As a kid Karen McManus used to write books when she was supposed to be playing outside, and not much has changed. Her debut YA novel, ONE OF US IS LYING, will be released by Delacorte Press/Random House in Summer 2017. Karen works in marketing and communications, and lives in Massachusetts with her ten-year-old son. Her work is represented by Rosemary Stimola of Stimola Literary Studio.
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  1. danielle hammelef

    Thanks for the character interview! I’d like to get to know this person more and mysteries always pull me in.

  2. Theresa Snyder

    this book sounds awesome!!! I love a good mystery!!! Great interview!!! I love seeing a part of characters that we wouldn’t see in the book!

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