Sweet & Swanky 17ers~ Introducing…Jamie Mayer and Images that Inspired PAINLESS!

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Painless started brewing when I read a small article about a four-year-old boy with a rare neurological condition that made him unable to feel pain. He was a nightmare for his parents, who couldn’t control him, and couldn’t really explain to him why he shouldn’t hurt himself or others. I immediately started imagining what this little boy would be like when he grew up (if he grew up – most kids with his condition didn’t make it to adulthood), with no way to physically relate to what life was like for other people. I also loved it as a metaphor for the ways that people shut themselves off emotionally, protecting themselves from loss or rejection but also depriving themselves of any chance at connection or love. I wanted to write a story about how risking deep pain is also the only way to experience anything worthwhile about life and love.



I love gathering images as part of the outlining and writing process, things that are evocative of the story’s characters, places or moods. Here is a selection of the images I assembled for Painless:




Main character Quinn is a tough guy, the son of a firefighter in a working class Boston neighborhood who dropped out of school in 8th grade and didn’t look back. He lives in his mind, drawing graphic novels and trying to avoid connections with others, until his encounters with Reese force him to confront his emotional isolation and his family’s tragic past.




Reese feels life perhaps too intensely. Paralyzed by the weight of the world, she’s unable to commit to a path in life – she can’t even commit to a look. Every time we see her, she’s wearing a different thrift store look: punk rock, 1940’s glamour, country-western queen.  When Quinn gets a job in Reese’s father’s shop, they clash – but as their relationship evolves, and a tragic accident unfolds, it leaves them both changed forever…



         (credit: Joshua Hagler, used by permission)



Quinn draws graphic novels that illustrate and illuminate his internal struggle, giving us a window into his mind. For those images, I was inspired by the work of painter (and former graphic novelist) Josh Hagler. (Google him, he’s great!) They are the closest thing I found to show how I envision Quinn’s drawings (and living dreams).

*~~About the Author~~*

Screenwriter Jamie Mayer is venturing into prose with her debut YA novel Painless. Jamie has written and sold television and feature film scripts, and most recently co-wrote and co-produced the first season of A&E/Lifetime’s digital romance platform Fall Into Me. She has also directed short films and music videos, and workshopped a feature film version of Painless at the Sundance Writers’ and Directors’ Labs. Jamie was born in New York City, grew up in New Jersey and graduated magna cum laude with a degree in Visual and Environmental Studies from Harvard University. She now lives in Los Angeles with her musician husband and absurdly delightful son.
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3 responses to “Sweet & Swanky 17ers~ Introducing…Jamie Mayer and Images that Inspired PAINLESS!

  1. danielle hammelef

    Excellent idea for a book–I’ve never read one with a character who physically can’t feel pain. And then to work in a butcher shop is only asking for trouble.

  2. Theresa Snyder

    Wow, the images!!! <3 I really want to read this book!!! Plus, Quinn doesn't feel any pain. I just can't imagine!

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