Sweet & Swanky 17ers~ Introducing…Rosalyn Eves & an Interview w/ Anna Arden from Blood Rose Rebellion + Giveaway!

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Character Interview

Anna Arden

(pic of Anna that Rosalyn drew)

What’s your favorite thing to do?
Anything that gets me out of doors. I love riding and know most of the birds on our estate on sight.

But I have a particular fondness for dancing. I would dance all night, if I could—and rise early the next morning to gallop in the park.  

Do you have a favorite author?
Oh, I like anything particularly torrid and gothic. Byron’s poetry is marvelous. My brother just sent me a copy of Currer Bell’s new Jane Eyre and it is everything I adore: dark, scandalous, romantic.

What five things do you carry in your purse?
A purse? Ah, you mean my reticule! Goodness, I’m not certain I could fit five things in my reticule. Let’s see . . . Some coins, a clean handkerchief, a needle and thread, a bit of rice paper to blot my nose and forehead. Mama always carries smelling salts in hers, but I prefer a bit of candy.

Have you ever failed at anything?
I fail constantly. It’s one of my worst qualities, according to my mother. I was born into a society that defines itself by its magic—and I cannot cast even the most minor of spells.

But I refuse to be defined by my failures.

What are you particularly good at?
Being froward. My obstinacy has seen me through many a difficult situation. (It does have its drawbacks, though, so I cannot say I recommend it as a life-strategy).

What are you afraid of?
This question! I cannot imagine readers want anything so serious.

But if you must know, I am afraid of a quiet life—of reaching the end and discovering that nothing I had done would survive me. I want to matter.

Who was your first love?
I kissed a stable boy when I was fourteen. I would likely have kept kissing him, save my mother found out.

My first real love was Lord Markham Worthing, better known as Freddy. (But I believe that story is being told elsewhere, so I won’t spoil it).

*~~About the Author~~*

Rosalyn Eves is a part-time writer, part-time English professor, and full-time mother of three. She loves all things BBC, especially costume dramas and mysteries. When not wrangling children (and sometimes when she should be wrangling children), she’s often found reading. Her debut novel, BLOOD ROSE REBELLION, is forthcoming Spring 2017 from Knopf. She’s represented by Josh Adams of Adams Literary.
Social Media Links: Facebook ~ GoodreadsTwitter ~ Tumblr ~ Website 

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27 responses to “Sweet & Swanky 17ers~ Introducing…Rosalyn Eves & an Interview w/ Anna Arden from Blood Rose Rebellion + Giveaway!

  1. Tammy V

    Stalking Jack The Ripper – loves stories involving this mystery. Plus have you seen that cover? Love! Timekeeper is another I would love to read.

  2. Hannah Cuckler

    I loved A Shadow Bright and Burning and And I Darken. I can’t wait to read Timekeeper! I need it in my life.

  3. I recently finished A Shadow Bright and Burning and I adored it! While I’m excited about each of these books, I think I’m looking forward to Timekeeper the most. =) Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. Anne C

    Blood Rose Rebellion sounds like a good book!
    I have not read any among the 6 books but I will get And I darken if I win. 🙂

  5. Theresa Snyder

    It’s a toss up between SJTR or Timekeeper!! (well, really all 6 of them!!! I really like historical fantasy books!)

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