Sweet & Swanky 17ers~ Introducing…Kelly Devos and some Designs by Cookie Vonn from FAT GIRL ON A PLANE + Giveaway!

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Sketchbook Designs

A set of markers and sketch pad at the desk. View from above
A set of markers and sketch pad at the desk. View from above

My book follows the exploits of Cookie Vonn, a high school senior who dreams of becoming the world’s next great, swanky, fashion designer. But she’s got problems. In the world of fashion, thin is always in but Cookie weighs 300 pounds and is named after a dessert.

During the book, Cookie is busy assembling her fashion designs into a portfolio she plans to use to apply for a scholarship to Parson’s The New School of Design in New York. I selected a few of Cookie’s designs from the book, created some sketches and have included Cookie’s commentary on her creations. I’m hoping this will be a good way to introduce Cookie to the world and for everyone to see her passion for plus-size fashion.

The plus-size Croquis are courtesy of DCT Designs. During my research, I discovered that the standard Croquis used in fashion is of a size zero woman who’d be around seven feet tall if she jumped off the sketch pad.

Now, without further ado, here are some designs by Cookie Vonn:


Cookie says: “Plus-Sized Bettina Blouse in Hand-Dyed Raw Cotton. People always say learn from the best. Hubert de Givenchy was the best of the best and the Bettina blouse was one of his most famous creations. In fashion, they tell you not to add volume to plus-size designs, that fat people don’t need padding. My Home Ec teacher said I was crazy to make a size twenty shirt with puffy, ruffled broderie-anglaise sleeves. But by carefully tailoring the sleeves and trimming them with dainty Point de Gaze lace, I’ve created a classic homage flattering to full figures.”


Cookie says: “Plus Size Plaid Skirt and Blouse in Cotton Faille. Claire McCardell is probably the best American fashion designer of all time. And no one has heard of her. Well, I bet Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger have heard of her because there’s no American look without McCardell. This look is my tribute to her classic designs. And yes, I did a big, bold plaid. People say plus-size should stay away from plus prints, but they’re wrong. The right cut is everything.”


Cookie says: “Size Sixteen A-Line Shift Dress with Ombré Metal Details. Dior once said, ‘No one person can change fashion – a big fashion change imposes itself.’ Until I made this dress, I thought Dior was wrong. I thought that anyone could change fashion the instant they wanted to pull something different from the closet. But I realized he’s right. Fashion changes when ideas change. This is the first thing I made for myself where I realized that things were changing, that I was changing.”


Would you like to try your own hand at sketching body positive fashions? Enter to win a copy of Gertie’s New Fashion Sketchbook: Indispensable Figure Templates for Body-Positive Design! The book is full of Croquis for a variety of body types along with some notes about sketching using realistic proportions.

*~~About the Author~~*

A third generation native Arizonan, Kelly deVos can tell you everything you’ve ever wanted to know about cactus, cattle and climate. She holds a B.A. in Creative Writing from Arizona State University. and her work has been featured in Normal Noise and 202 Magazine.
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7 responses to “Sweet & Swanky 17ers~ Introducing…Kelly Devos and some Designs by Cookie Vonn from FAT GIRL ON A PLANE + Giveaway!

  1. Lynn Banducci

    This was a great post??❤️ It’s so tiring We’re all different and for some reason designers have to have 6′ size 0 models. These are the girls our daughters are looking up to. I don’t want my daughter to think she needs to be perfect according to the designers. When she is perfect in every way just the way she is. She’s incredibly intelligent, an amazing athlete, cheerleader, happy with a heart of gold.

  2. Theresa Snyder

    I am so exited about this book. mostly because of the body positivity in it!!! We need this so much in books!!! I have always been overweight and still struggle to accept me for who I am. I so wish I had better role models and more positiveness about bodies when I was younger. It’s always been if you were thinner….. As I said, books like this are really needed today!!!!!

  3. Lynnette

    I really, really love the message this book seems to put forth. The fashion designs make this post really memorable!

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