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Top 10 Quotes from #Famous

A lot of writers refer to their books as their “babies,” and I think the comparison is pretty apt. Not only do you love it and cherish it and want to protect it from all the scary things, getting the thing out is BRUTAL.

…which is why it’s hard to imagine plucking out my favorite 10 quotes from #famous. Instead, I’m picking 10 that I think get at something fundamental about the characters, the story, or the overall feel. Hope you love them…and want to read more!


“That story of yours that Jenkins read yesterday was . . . well it was really weird, but, like, in a cool way,” he said.
“Oh. Um, thanks.” All my words were melting, puddling around my feet in a big sloppy jumble, too liquid-slippery for me to get a grip on. The story had been about a computer that got a weird virus that convinced the machine it was actually the ghost of Queen Elizabeth I. He’d already summed it up: it was weird. I was weird. I could feel my armpits stinging with sweat.

I love this because it’s Rachel and Kyle’s first real interaction…and she’s so emphatically Rachel in this moment!

He was being nice because he worked service. For god’s sake, he flirted with the elderly. Even more blood rushed into my cheeks. If you poked them with a pin they’d probably burst everywhere. Like that scene in The Shining all over the Apple Prairie Mall food court.

I love the visual here—and only Rachel would compare blushing to a horror movie.

All the girls had been laughing. Most had been taking pictures. The whole thing had been . . . terrifying. It had been kinda terrifying, all of them staring at me, placing the same exact order, even using the same exact words. It was like I was stuck in a french-fries-themed Body Snatchers sequel.

Kyle might be a lacrosse star and suddenly famous, but at his core, he’s just a sweet softie!

I smiled a little. She had a crush on me? She seemed like the type that would be dating a twenty-year-old who smoked cigarettes end-to-end and wore skinny jeans and played bass in, like, some punk band.
Huh. Rachel: unexpected.

One of the themes of #famous is that our ideas of people don’t always line up with reality. Kyle’s first impression of Rachel is nothing like how she sees herself.

I tried to force a smile, but it felt like my cheeks were stuck in the off position. At least I hadn’t succumbed to stress tears. If I’d been on my period (when my balloon-skin of normal is barely able to cover the ever-expanding explosion of emotional wreck and snotty cries), this game would have been over.

Honestly, I just love how Rachel describes her feelings here—I, for one, have definitely been there!

I slid inside and turned left down the mostly empty hallway, walking as quickly as I could without drawing attention, head down. The tube lights overhead buzzed; in the near-empty hallway it sounded like I was being watched by a million insects.

“You’re her, aren’t you?” I heard from my right.

I stopped midstride, without really meaning to.

“Oh my god, you totally are. You’re attack of the rach face.” Her voice was getting higher and faster, like someone had pressed fast-forward on her. “You must be mortified.”

People’s casual cruelty is a huge element of the story; this IRL interaction captures the fallout that hits Rachel almost immediately.


Emma patted me softly on the top of the head. It was the kind of thing you’d do for a child or a dog, but still, it felt good.

“It’ll be okay.” She sounded calm, like she had practice at this. It made me feel better and sadder at the same time […] “I should go, I’m super late. Just remember, people are awful, but it’s not about you,” Emma said with a half-smile. “It’s almost always about them.”

I think Emma’s interaction with Rachel in the parking lot is one of my favorite small moments, not least because the message she gives Rachel becomes very relevant later on…

“So I won’t totally delete my accounts and attempt to melt into the earth and cut out a big red letter P to wear on my chest every time I leave the house.”

“It was an A,” Monique said automatically. Trust Monique to correct me on school stuff at the moment she’s trying to repair our friendship with cupcakes and moral support.

Rachel’s best friend, Mo, is one of my favorite characters in the book… mainly because of moments like this 😉

“I’m just saying if it were me, I’d be practicing one-liners in the mirror until the second I had to go onstage.”

I had practiced a couple of things before we left the house. My name, where I worked, where I went to school: things I knew I’d have to say. But I didn’t need to tell Emma that. Worrying about messing up your own name: kinda embarrassing.

My friend Anna put it best: Kyle and Rachel can both be pretty “adorkable.” This is Kyle at his adorkable best!

(From: Rachel): Later.

                                                                                (To: Rachel): Good night, Rachel.

I almost typed “sweet dreams,” then I realized that was weird and stalkerish.

Let’s end on something extra sweet!


*~~About the Author~~*

Jilly Gagnon is currently based in Chicago, but is originally from Minnesota, a fact she’ll likely inform you of within minutes of meeting you.

In the past, Jilly has written humor, news, essays, and op-ed pieces for Newsweek, Elle, Vanity Fair, The Huffington Post, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, The Onion, The Toast, and Boston’s alt-weekly, The Dig, among others. She writes both comedy and young adult fiction.

Jilly loves terrible TV and excellent coffee. She often carries on far-too-involved conversations with her cats.

Social Media Links: Facebook ~ Instagram ~ Twitter 

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    just based on the quotes alone makes me want to read it! I love the style of writing!!! can’t wait for this book!!

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