BEA 2016 Recap Part Three!

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Are you ready to find out what happened on Day 2 of BEA? ICYMI- Here are the links for the rest of the recaps: Day 0 and Day 1!

Why hello there everyone! It’s time for my BEA Day 2 recap! I must admit- today probably was the craziest day. Wait- I take that back. It DEFINITELY was the craziest day.

I wanted to get to BEA bright and early, but after my alarm went off, Rashika (the sleepyhead) decided she wanted to sleep more, so I ended up going back to sleep myself. Once we got up, we joined Val and Holly in line, and then got Starbucks. I was very excited because I finally had the chance to have my Smores frapp again! I’ve been waiting for months for it to return to the lineup, so I was thrilled to finally have it.

The show floor opened, and I was off. I had a mission. I NEEDED a ticket for Metaltown! 1) Because it sounds amazing and 2) because Kristen is a sweetheart and I really wanted to meet her in person! So, I immediately ran to Macmillan and luckily managed to snag a ticket. After that, I started meandering a bit. I didn’t have anything else on my schedule. I stopped by the Of Fire and Stars line because there were barely any people in it, but I realized that I couldn’t be in two places at once (seeing as both signings were at the same time) and so I left. I continued meandering for a bit and eventually stopped by my suitcase to drop off some books.

After that, I decided to go line up for the Stealing Snow and The Edge of Everything drop! I was super excited for both releases and I knew the line would be insane. It’s a good thing I ended up getting there early, because the unofficial line started an hour before the drop! 

After I grabbed those two ARCs, I meandered and stumbled upon the It’s Not Me It’s You signing. It looked cute and the line was short, so I quickly got that ARC signed and then…

Then came the most horrifying part of BEA. I’m not sure if you heard about this…but there was a STAMPEDE. This is not an exaggeration. There was a legitimate stampede. You see, Macmillan had an incredible lineup for the second half of the day. There was a signing for 738 Days, Vassa in the Night, You Know Me Well, and…Heartless. And guess what? There was only ONE line to get tickets for ALL of the signings. Yeah. You read that correctly. One line.

I hovered for approximately two hours and was part of multiple lines. At one point, they told me the line I was in was the official line, so I didn’t bother moving. Guess what? 45 minutes later, we were told that it wasn’t official.

Then, all of a sudden, one of the publicists came over and told people they were starting the official line. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever been in a stampede to the extent of that line. Some of my friends were 10-15 people ahead of me at first, and by the time the stampede was over, they were 70 people ahead.

(I wish the stampede was as cute as this…alas, it was not)

The kicker? They ran out of HEARTLESS arcs FIVE PEOPLE AHEAD OF ME.

After the craziness died down, I ended up getting a ticket for 738 Days and Vassa in the Night, so I was still happy enough. I saw a line starting for the Hundred Lies of Lizzie Lovett and joined that next. But, I didn’t stay there for long. I saw on Twitter that there was a surprise Stalking Jack the Ripper signing, so I hightailed it as fast as I possibly could. I was lucky enough to not only get the ARC, but to get it signed. Yay!

I then wandered around and got some other ARCs like The Diabolic & Pushing Perfect. Nothing exciting really happened for the rest of the day until the Flatiron Party. It turned out that the party consisted of handing out bags with mostly adult books in it…except for a couple that had CARAVAL!!! One of the publicists was super nice and found a bag that had Caraval for me after I gushed about it for a minute or two.

That’s a wrap on the show floor part of BEA!

But, I’m sure you’re curious what happened at night, so I guess I can tell you. 😉

My roommates and I all went back to the hotel and relaxed for awhile because we were exhausted. I arranged my books so they looked pretty because why not?! After that, we went to dinner (where my meal unfortunately wasn’t good) but everyone else enjoyed it, so that was okay.

On our way back, we split up into two groups. My group consisted of CJ, Mishma, and me! We took the L back to the original station and then started the walk back. We walked and talked and walked and talked and then Mishma said “Did we walk this far last time?” We looked up, turned in a circle, and promptly realized that we went way past our hotel. So, I took out my handy dandy iPhone and we used Apple Maps to find out way home while laughing/crying because we were exhausted and had to walk an extra mile.

When we arrived, we immediately went to the store because we were starving. I bought a way overpriced bag of trail mix, but it was absolutely worth it.

Alrighty! That’s a wrap on day 2 of BEA! Curious to know what happened on Day 3? Stay tuned for the next blog post!

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