BEA 2016 Recap Part Two!

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Are you ready to find out what happened on Day 1 of BEA? ICYMI- I described Day 0 (aka the night before BEA) HERE!

It was 45 minutes before BEA, and my roommates and  I had just arrived at the BEA floor. I know, I know. We were slackers. Some of our close blogger friends weren’t slackers and ended up being near the front of the line, but we didn’t want to hop into the line, so we decided to take a lap and just walk until the doors opened. While walking, we saw an entrance near the Starbucks, and went to investigate. After flashing our badges, the security people ushered us in, and told us to stay on the yellow brick road!

We were shocked. WE GOT INTO BEA EARLY! We started walking, curious to see where the yellow brick road would take us. Unfortunately, it didn’t take us into the showfloor, so we camped out as close to the showfloor as we could get. Luckily, one of the BEA people was super friendly, and was sympathetic towards us, so she let us onto the floor a minute early.

We had previously decided to run to Harper first, so that’s exactly what we did! We wanted to pick up their schedule, and figured it would be a good time to go because everyone else was running to get a Strange the Dreamer sampler. I’m not quite sure how we did it, but even though we went to Harper first, we all did manage to grab a sampler! Yay! After that, CJ and I meandered for a bit.

Before the day started, I didn’t really have anything on my schedule, so when I found out that Penguin was going to drop A Shadow Bright and Burning, I started flailing. You can ask my roommates- I almost screamed. After all, it’s one of my most anticipated 2016 reads! Waiting in line for A Shadow Bright and Burning was probably one of my top 3 favorite moments of Wednesday, because it turned into an unofficial blogger meetup!

Funny story- Danielle from LOVE AT FIRST PAGE came up to me and said hello, and it actually took me a minute or so to recognize her because she dyed her hair! *blogger fail = me* Danielle is one of my blogger heroes, so she made my day and I felt totally awful for not recognizing her at first!

I want to give a shoutout to the awesome people at the Abrams and Quercus booths because they were both super friendly on the first day. I was talking to publicists at both booths for a couple of minutes. Also, Quercus has this AMAZING tote bag that has a zipper. I think I’m in love.

Now, there is ONE more highlight from BEA Day 1 that I MUST mention…you see…I found…A DOG!!!

After the show floor closed for the day, I went back to the hotel room and started unpacking all of my books from my various tote bags. Yes, I was stupid and didn’t bring my rolling suitcase, even though I KNEW I was going to regret it. Actually, I am putting the blame on my BEA roommates, because all of them were like “no, you don’t need a bag! There isn’t much happening today.” *DAGGER EYES*

(These are my angry eyes)

Then, to top it off, my roommates started laughing at me when I started making a book pile so it would look pretty! Didn’t I just have wonderful roommates? (Jk I love you all <3)

After resting for a bit, we grabbed dinner at an Asian restaurant where I had Pad Thai and Iced Thai Coffee (WHICH IS AMAZING AND I HIGHLY RECOMMEND). We also walked to the bean! On the way to the bean, we saw this very creepy water fountain. Here- let me show you. 😛

Alrighty, that’s the end of Day One’s wrapup! Stay tuned for Day Two!

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