ARC Review: Beyond the Red by Ava Jae!!!

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Wow, I can’t believe that I never posted this review! Ah well, better late than never, right? 😉

I was a bit surprised when I started reading BEYOND THE RED, because I didn’t expect it to be written from multiple POV’s. Meet Eros, a half-blood who is trusted by virtually no one, and Kora, a queen to her people. They are complete opposites, and never should have met. But, after Kora gives the order to kill most of the red bloods, aka the humans, Eros happens to escape the bloodshed, and ends up becoming Kora’s personal servant instead. Mind you, he takes an oath to protect the girl who basically killed his family. Yeah, it sounds wrong to me too. But don’t worry- Ava Jae, the author, figured it all out. While the characters do have many conflicts, she brings them together in a way that is perfect.

One of the things that I love about Ava Jae was that she took details from normal, everyday life, and altered them slightly so that they would work in a sci-fi setting. To me, sci-fi can be hit or miss, depending on whether I can visualize the details, or whether it all goes over my head due to the science-y details. I’m happy to report that I was able to understand what was happening, and all new concepts were explained thoroughly, allowing me to read the book without confusion.

In terms of the characters, I enjoyed them, but they didn’t stand out to me as being incredible. I found the most vivid characters to be the villains, and I was happily surprised to see that there were multiple villains with separate agendas in BEYOND THE RED, which was very unique, and it definitely made the plot more interesting. As far as the romance goes, there is a love triangle, and it was fine. I have no complaints- and the ending was perfect.

Overall I enjoyed Beyond the Red and give it 4/5stars.


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3 responses to “ARC Review: Beyond the Red by Ava Jae!!!

  1. I’m glad to see you enjoyed this one! This title is among the many review books I have yet to read *hides face* but this is the first review I’ve read for it, and now I’m actually pretty excited to crack it open! I always love reading a good villain, so it’s very appealing that this book has multiple villains. Thanks for the wonderful review!!

    Lefty @ The Left-Handed Book Lover

  2. danielle hammelef

    I haven’t read this book yet. I love when even the villians are created well by the author. I’m not a huge fan of love triangles though, but maybe this aspect didn’t ruin the book based on your review.

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