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Top 10 Books & Videos About Real Conjoined Twins

One of Us: Conjoined Twins and the Future of Normal, by Alice Domurat Dreger

Dreger discusses the lives of many real conjoined twins throughout history, how they were viewed by the public and by doctors, and most importantly, how they talked about their own lives. The book is psychological, philosophical, and practical, with important ideas about what it means to be normal and what it means to live a good life.

The Lives and Loves of Daisy and Violet Hilton: A True Story of Conjoined Twins by Dean Jensen

Daisy and Violet Hilton were conjoined at the lower back, and they were popular vaudeville performers in the early twentieth century. In this biography’s telling, they were controlled by abusive managers during childhood and adolescence, but as adults, they took control of their careers—and, yes, their love affairs.

Abigail and Brittany Hensel – The Twins Who Share a Body

Abigail and Brittany Hensel are dicephalic twins – joined side by side, and essentially sharing one body – and this documentary was made when they were in high school. They do a great job conveying just how normal their lives are and how capable they are.

Millie-Christine: Fearfully and Wonderfully Made by Joanne Martell

Millie and Christine McCoy were pygopagus twins, joined back to back. They were born into slavery in the nineteenth century, and they traveled widely as stage performers. They said that they viewed themselves as one person, and they sometimes used the name Millie-Christine to convey their unity.

Bound by Flesh

This documentary about Daisy and Violet Hilton covers much of the same territory as the biography above, but adds some in-person interviews with people who knew the twins or wrote about them, as well as visuals from their performances.

The Lives of Chang and Eng: Siam’s Twins in Nineteenth-Century America by Joseph Andrew Orser

Chang and Eng were famous conjoined twins from Siam (now known as Thailand), and so they gave rise to the term “Siamese twins.” They eventually settled in North Carolina and married two sisters, with whom they had several children.

Abby and Brittany, Joined for Life, Episode 5

This TLC series followed up with Abby and Brittany Hensel when they were about to graduate from college. Their capability, fearlessness, and essential normalcy are emphasized throughout the show. As a viewer, you really get the sense that these are happy young women, and also that being conjoined is an essential part of who they are.

When Hearts Conjoin by Erin Marie Herrin

Herrin gave birth to conjoined twins in 2002, and they were successfully separated in 2006. Her memoir lets you into the difficult and often frightening experience of being a mother to young conjoined twins, whose health was initially uncertain.

Story time with my bff Heather, by Carmen and Lupita

Carmen and Lupita are teenaged conjoined twins who have their own YouTube channel, where they talk about their lives. Any of these videos will give you a sense of them as very normal teenage girls, but I especially like the energy in this one.

Conjoined Twins: An Historical, Biological and Ethical Issues Encyclopedia by Christine Quigley

This covers all kinds of facts and issues about conjoined twins of the past and present.

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  1. danielle hammelef

    Great post to relate to this book. I can’t imagine the strength these people have. Amazing.

  2. It’s a fascinating story – I’ve known about these girls for many years. It’s beautiful that they share in this anomaly together and find strength within each other. I wish them only joy and love in their life and it will be so incredible to see how they reach success in their lives together. It will be interesting to see how their combined personalities push one another to grow in ways they may not have done so independently. I will be reading this book soon.

  3. Lynnette

    This book looks fascinating! I think it’s wonderful that the author is shedding light on a relatively uncommon occurrence which some people must live with.

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