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Welcome to my blog everyone! I’m so excited to finally kick off a summer filled with tons of Book Blogger Creativity Project 2016 posts! ICYMI: Here’s all the details on the project!

Today I am participating in the Pages to Pictures feature organized by Team Magenta!


The purpose of Pages to Pictures is to focus on one book and describe what would be necessary to make it the perfect movie. It sounds easy…but is it really? My answer: Nope. So, I’m just going to focus on what scenes I think NEED to be in a movie adaptation of The Orphan Queen by Jodi Meadows!


Without further ado…here are some scenes that CANNOT be missed!
  1. The fight scene in the very beginning
    • Who wouldn’t want to see the first appearance of Black Knife on the big screen???
  2. The first time Wil sees the palace
    • Who wouldn’t want to see the palace made of mirrors- the palace that would never go dark?
  3. The first time Wil meets James
    • From the moment I met James, I knew he was amazing. *swoons* (FYI James isn’t the prince)
  4. The first dance between Wil and Tobias
    • A dance befitting of a prince and princess- don’t you think? 
  5. Literally every meeting between Wil and Black Knife
    • Is it bad that I WANT IT ALL??? (and yes, yes I did just start singing the lyrics to High School Musical in my head…Please tell me I’m not the only one)
  6. The first official fight between Patrick and Wil in the beginning of Part Two
    • The first of many fights…

Here’s my problem. If I could, I would put every single word from every single page from every single chapter in the movie adaptation. If I could, I would write up a list of everything that happens in TOQ, but here’s the thing- I don’t want to spoil the amazingness of TOQ for you, so I’m going to stop here.

If you’re curious about learning more re my thoughts on TOQ, you can check out my review HERE!


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So, what do you think of today’s feature? Are there any scenes that I missed that NEED to be in a movie adaptation of TOQ? Let me know in the comments below!

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3 responses to “BBCP16: Pages to Pictures ~ Team Magenta!

  1. Lynnette

    Although I personally wasn’t a huge fan of Orphan Queen, I agree that it would be an amazing film!

  2. AH! Loved this book and agree with everything you want in it. Basically we need ALL of the fabulousness of the book. Which leads me to believe that I would be terrible at make movie adaptations to books, because cuts are sometimes necessary and I wouldn’t want to cut a single thing. This team came up with a super fun post! Dunno how I missed it, but I will definitely check out responses from others!

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