NOVEL NEWCOMERS #12: Interview w/ Brigitte & Jessica

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And…I’m back with another Novel Newcomer post! Yay! In case you’ve forgotten what NN is, you can check out all of the details HERE.


Outside of blogging and reading, what other interests do you have?
Brigitte: I like to cook, a lot (my first career choice used to be pastry chef until I was derailed by archeology), go on loooong walks (long enough for my dog to give up halfway through most of them), and I dabble in writing and several sports.
Jessica: Anything crafty or DIY. I have scrapbooked, made windchimes, rag rugs, jewelry, knitted, painted and upcycled old furniture. Pinterest is my go-to for ideas. I also love to be outside, so I go camping hiking and swimming whenever I get the chance. 

What is your most unusual accomplishment?
Brigitte: I’d have to say being a black belt in karate. I don’t really look like I could be a martial artist.
Jessica: I once traveled alone to Mexico for a week. I had an amazing time bungee jumping, ziplining, snorkling and laying on the beach. But the thing that I enjoyed most was the satisfaction that I could make it on my own.

What is your favorite food?
Brigitte: Pizza since it’s so incredibly versatile.
Jessica: This is akin to picking a favourite book. I’m going to have to say fresh fruit like mangos or strawberries, with vanilla greek yogurt and hemp hearts.

If you could snap and have ANY book materialize out of the air, what book would you pick?
Brigitte: The first book that came to mind was A Conjuring of Light by V.E. Schwab because February is just too far away
Jessica: I would like the book that teaches the Undetectable Extension Charm Hermione uses on her beaded handbag in The Deathly Hallows.

Where is your favorite place to read?
Brigitte: Either my couch or anywhere high up outside; my mother likes to say I’ll give her a heart attack one of these days with all the less-than-safe climbing I do.
Jessica: Currently the answer would be at the end of the day when it cools off I like to read in my hammok out front. (I recently posted a picture on my Instagram @novelcravings)

Pink or Orange?
Brigitte: Pink
Jessica: Neither

Movies or TV?
Brigitte: TV, no question.
Jessica: Movies

Inside or Outside?
Brigitte: Inside
Jessica: Outside

Call or Text?
Brigitte: Text
Jessica: Snail-mail

Twitter or Instagram?
Brigitte: Twitter
Jessica: Instagram

SIDE NOTE FROM NORI: WOW!!! This is the first time the rapid fire questions had 100% different answers. I love it! 😛

Meet the Bloggers:

Brigette is the blogger at The Book and the Bone. She started blogging in December 2015. You can also find her on Goodreads!

Jessica is the blogger at Novel Cravings. She started blogging in October 2015. You can also find her on Goodreads, Pinterest,  Twitter, and Instagram!

That’s it for this week! See you in two weeks with a new Novel Newcomers post featuring another blogger (or two or three). I can’t wait! 😉

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  1. Oh this was really awesome getting to know both Brigette and Jessica! I loved the rapid fire questions.😜 I shall have to go check out their blogs! Great interview, Nori. 😀

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