June Monthly Wrap Up!

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It’s officially HALFWAY THROUGH 2016!!!! How is this even possible? Wasn’t yesterday January? I’m in shock. Complete shock.

I did have a great reading month and I’m very happy to report that I read 13 books! 🙂


*~This Month’s Reading List~*

Ivory and Bone
Unscripted Joss Byrd: A Novel
This Savage Song
Been Here All Along
Antigone / Oedipus the King / Electra
The Cresswell Plot
Kiss Cam
Bound by Blood and Sand
The Ones
Turtle Bay
Thieving Weasels


*~Blog News~*


*~Challenge Updates~*

Tamora Pierce Challenge: 8/All of her books

Commenting 365 Challenge: 106/365

Debut Author Challenge: 24/12

#RockMyTBR Challenge: 5/12


*~My Reviews~*

[18 Jun] And I Darken by Kiersten White ★★★★½

[26 Jun] All the Feels by Danika Stone ★★★★½


*~In the Blogosphere~*

I was recently inspired by Shannon Miz @ It Starts at Midnight to start keeping track of some of the awesome posts in the blogosphere that I’ve noticed throughout the month! Here are a couple that I specifically wanted to mention.

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9 responses to “June Monthly Wrap Up!

  1. PLEASE BESTOW YOUR READING AND BLOGGING SKILLS ONTO ME. Even though it’s summer vacation, I only* read 8 books… but I’m really happy with my blog content this month..? Idk, some days I feel like I have to choose one but hopefully I can overcome that feeling! If you teach me your magical reading and blogging skills, I’ll give you my magical commenting powers ;). YOU CAN DO IT!! Also, thank you so much for mentioning my post!! I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed it :D.

    *only bc last year I read 15 books in June /:

    Jess @ POB!

    • OH MY GOSH HOW ABOUT WE SHARE MY READING SKILLS AND YOUR BLOGGING SKILLS?! WE WOULD MAKE AN AWESOME TEAM!!! And hey- as long as you’re happy overall, that’s what matters!!! Tbh it’s hard to do everything, and yes, sometimes you have to pick between reading and blogging. It’s definitely a hard choice. 🙁 Pesky real life gets in the way of your reading life haha.

  2. Awww, YOU MENTIONED MY POST. *blushes* Thanks for that, you nice bean. :’) And yay for reading 13 books and DOUBLE YAY for that epic pile! I looooved This Savage Song and I’m super keen for Thieving Weasels. Because thieving. Good times. And I want to read The Cresswell Plot, but that’s mostly because of the title.? Yes I’m just that shallow. AHEM. Anyway! I hope you enjoy them and HAPPY JUNE AND YeAH IT’S HALFWAY THROUGH THE YEAR WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN HELP.

    • OF COURSE I MENTIONED YOUR POST! I LOVE your posts haha so it would surprise me to NOT include at least one of your posts in my monthly wrap-up.

  3. Wow you make me feel like I need to start reading and never stop LOL I’m behind on my goodreads challenge. I’m also super excited to read ivory and bone which I see is on your list too. Can’t wait to compare notes.

    • It’s totally okay! Last year, I was behind on my challenge until the second to last week of December! I believe in you- you can catch up!

  4. Lynnette

    I’m amazed at how many books were able to read this month! It’s even more impressive when you realize that you’re probably super busy with Bookitcon! Congrats on all you’ve accomplished so far in your reading challenges!!

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