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I am so excited to be hosting Zan Romanoff as part of the Meet the Newbies debut feature, organized by the one and only Rachel @ A Perfection Called Books! Stay tuned for an interview with Zan + a giveaway!!!

Author Most Likely to Sing Along to Whatever’s Playing at the Grocery Store

Nickname: Zan Romanoff
First Day of School: September 13, 2016
Homeroom: Knopf
Grade: YA Magical Realism/Contemporary
Extracurricular Activities: Reading, reading, reading
Favorite Class: English (what else?)
Favorite Quote/Motto: “You do not have to be good.” -Mary Oliver, Wild Geese



Magical realism is a very interesting genre- not many people attempt it. Did you know your book was going to have hints of magical realism from the beginning, or did it just turn out that way?  
In general, it’s fair to say that I had no idea what I was doing at any point when I was writing this book– but it’s particularly true about the genre! When I first started it I wanted to write urban fantasy that was less about the idea of a city having some kind of magical underworld, and more about what it would be like if you had to live in a normal city, surrounded by normal people, when you had some very abnormal powers. I think someone else first suggested the magical realist label to me when I was querying, and I realized it made much more sense as a description of what I had ended up doing– plus, like you said, it’s a bit more unusual, and would help my query stand out to agents.
When I saw that your main character’s name was Lorelei, I started freaking out because it’s one of my all time favorite names. How did you name her (and the other characters)? 
Oh yay! I found the name Lorelei in a very straightforward way– I was googling around for myths about women, singing and water, found this one, and thought, bingo! I sort of thought that at some point I’d change her name to something a little less on-the-nose, but by the time I’d finished a draft and was thinking about details like that I was way too attached to it and nothing else seemed quite right.
The other names were either ones I’ve always liked (Petra), or the result of googling things like “German boys’ names” and combing through lists trying to decide what I liked (Jens and Nik, and yes this is a very effective way to procrastinate actually writing).
The only other name that has a real story attached to it is Chris, who’s named after Skeet Ulrich’s character in The Craft. His character’s plotline in that movie is something I’ve always been obsessed with– it’s so unsettling– and it very much inspired what happens to the Chris is A Song to Take the World Apart.
If you had to describe Lorelei by using a song, what song would you choose? 
This is maybe cheating, but The Foo Fighters’ Everlong– I used its lyrics for the book’s epigraph. And I wonder / when I sing along with you / if everything could ever feel this real forever / if anything could ever be this good again. I listened to a lot of Lorde while I was writing it.
What’s your favorite food? Curious minds want to know 😉
This is an impossible question! I love oysters– I briefly worked for an oysterman who paid me in product, and it felt like the greatest luxury imaginable– but also, you know, good French fries are more widely available, and much cheaper.
What would be your dream cast for Chris and Lorelei? 
I honestly don’t have a good answer for this, I think because I have such a strong idea of what each of them looks like that I’m always trying to find a facematch, and failing. A scruffier (and younger) Darren Criss could work as Chris; I think I’d want someone who was actually 15 or 16 to play Lorelei, which is very hard to find in Hollywood.
RAPID FIRE QUESTIONS: Do Chris and Lorelei prefer…….. 
1) chocolate or vanilla 
2) dogs or cats 
3) red or blue  
1. Chocolate!
2. Dogs
3. Red

About the Author

Hello! I write essays + fiction, mostly focused on food, feminism, television and books. I graduated from Yale in 2009 with a B.A. in Literature, and now live and work in Los Angeles.

My young adult fiction is represented by Logan Garrison at The Gernert Company.

Social Media Links: Website | Twitter | Goodreads | Tumblr | Instagram



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  1. sam

    I was totally sold on this book by the Goodreads blurb. I love magical realism and cannot wait to read it!

  2. danielle hammelef

    As soon as the blurb said “I’ll Give You the sun” fans would love this book, I kept reading. I wouldn’t ever want to “force” someone to love me by singing (mermaid/siren) but I’d love to pretend I could through this character.

  3. Agus Z

    Oh I love magical realism! And this book sounds so good, so interesting! Can’t wait to read it! Great interview!

  4. I have not read a lot of magical realism lately (the genre is really hit or miss for me), but I would love to give this book a try. It also helped that I am a little bit obsessed with music and singing, so I cannot wait to learn more about Lorelei’s powers.

  5. Elle

    Great interview! This book is not one I would normally pick up off the shelf but the description has me intrigued…

  6. Brittany K

    Awesome post. (Anyone else thinking of Chris and Lorelei from Gilmore Girls? #TeamLuke lol)
    It’d be great to have Lorelei’s power, but I’d be happy just being able to sing well. lol

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