Book Review: Please Don’t Tell by Laura Tims!

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This book. Oh my goodness. How do I even describe it? I truly don’t even know how to put my thoughts into words. The very first page pulled me in. Please Don’t Tell is written in alternating POV’s by a set of twins- Joy and Grace. From the very beginning, their emotions resonated with me. Their voices, so similar yet different, echoed in my head without stopping. This is a book that you won’t be able to ignore. Once you start it, you won’t be able to stop, so make sure you plan accordingly.

Please Don’t Tell is one of those books that you start reading, and your eyes greedily absorb each and every line. It’s a roller coaster- with more downs than ups. Every time that I thought that I had heard the worst of it, I was wrong. It just kept going down and getting darker and darker until it was pitch black. There definitely are some issues mentioned that could be triggering, so please be careful while reading.

This book is so important to read. So so so important for boys and girls alike. It’s a book that you need to experience for yourself, and so I challenge you to go and read it. It might be a bit outside of your comfort zone, but it’s a book that you won’t regret reading.

If you couldn’t tell, I highly recommend this book and give it 5/5 stars. There aren’t many books that touch me in the heart like this one did, and so I can’t imagine giving it any less than 5 stars. Also, if you like this book, I recommend The Girl Who Fell by Shannon M. Parker.


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11 responses to “Book Review: Please Don’t Tell by Laura Tims!

  1. Awesome review Twitter Girl! (jk I promise to call you Nori from now on but I couldn’t resist)

    I am really excited to read Please Don’t Tell! And I think it’s a good idea that you still kept me in the dark as to what this is about, exactly. I feel like I would be better off going in blind 🙂

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