Book Blogger Creativity Project 2016 Signups!

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I am extremely excited to announce the second annual Book Blogger Creativity Project!!!

I started this project last year because I noticed that a lot of people were in blogging slumps. I wanted to come up with a way to get everyone’s creative juices flowing, while also promoting new friendships.

Since last year was the first year I hosted this project, there were a couple of parts that were a bit shaky. Since then, I’ve given the whole project a lot of thought, and my hope is that this year will go swimmingly! 🙂

But, before I get ahead of myself, let me start with the basics.

I will be running this project, and I’m hoping to have 75 other bloggers join me!


You will be put into groups of 6 people and challenged to create a new blog feature/project/idea. What exactly is your topic? That’s up to YOU to decide. As long as it’s something unique, it counts.


Online silly 😛 Having access to Google Drive and Twitter will help you.


Here is the tentative schedule!

May 6: Signups open
May 20: Signups close
May 25: Meet your group!
June 17: Your group must agree on 1 idea
July- August: It’s time for the world to see what genius idea your group came up with!

*Please note: You are committing to working with a group at least from the end of May to July. Please sign up IF AND ONLY IF you are willing/have the time to commit.


To promote creativity and to hopefully make new friends!

Could you show us some examples?

Absolutely! You can see my recap that includes links to all of the 2015 BBCP posts HERE.

So…are you ready to sign up now? Fill out the form below or click HERE!

I can’t wait to work with you all! 😀

~Nori <3

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