Top Ten Tuesday #81: Book-Related Things Or Experiences That Delight Me!

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This meme is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

This week’s topic is Top Ten Tuesday ##81: Book-Related Things Or Experiences That Delight Me! This topic was inspired by Jamie’s original post HERE.

Now, it’s time for me to share some bookish/blogging related experiences that delight me. 🙂

1. When someone tells me that they picked up a book that I recommended them. 
This is one of my absolute favorite parts of being a book blogger. I’m able to share my thoughts on books that I love with people all around the world. And, when someone tells me that they’ve picked up a book because of my thoughts, it just makes my day. It truly does.

2. Being able to call my home library my second home. 
When I was little, I participated in my local library’s summer children program, and got to know the librarians very well. Even now, I feel very close with them, and I am thankful to have the library as a second home to me.

3. Walking through a Barnes and Noble YA section and letting my fingers trail over the book spines
Isn’t this just a wonderful experience? I’ve always enjoyed it. I feel like I’m soaking up the words inside of the books. Is that weird? I don’t know. 😛

4. Talking to someone outside of the book community and saying “Oh hey, I know that author! He/she is super sweet!” 
Being able to support people who are kind always makes my day, so whenever I read an author friend’s book and love it, I always internally squeal because I know that I’m going to be recommending it to everyone.

5. Reading a book and connecting with a character on a deeper level. 
This happened to me when I read Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson. To be honest, I wrote up a blog post about it, but I don’t think I’m ever going to share it, because it’s…it’s just too raw.

6. Attending book conventions and meeting fellow bloggers and authors!
From Chapter by Chapter Book Rave to Apollycon to BEA to ALAMW, I am so thankful and delighted that I’ve attended all of the book conventions. I have met so many people, and it’s always an incredible experience for me.

7. Meeting someone new on Twitter 
If you haven’t noticed, I’m a bit addicted to Twitter. I just love how it’s a place where I can talk to people that I never would have met otherwise! Anyways, there are a lot of dear friends that I originally met on Twitter, and I can’t imagine not knowing them. So, whenever I meet someone new, I always get excited, because a new friendship is on the horizon.

8. Reading the acknowledgements of a book and recognizing a name.
Sometimes I see a friendly author’s name, which is always amazing, and sometimes, sometimes I see a blogger friend’s name. Whenever the latter happens, a tear threatens to spill from my eye. To know that an author values a blogger so highly truly makes me delighted.

9. Whenever I see an aspiring author move forward in the publishing process, whether that be getting an agent, or simply starting to query agents. 
Watching someone start with just a manuscript and have it turn into a full fledge book is something that I cannot wait to see with my own eyes. So, I always get excited when I hear that an aspiring author is moving forward in their path to publication.

10. Organizing Bookitcon (and Bookitcon: Chapter Two). 
I cannot begin to say how amazing this experience has been for me. I have learned so much, and I cannot wait to see how this year’s event turns out. If everyone finishes the event with a smile on their face, I’ll be happy. <3


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19 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday #81: Book-Related Things Or Experiences That Delight Me!

  1. Ara

    ALL OF THIS!!! 1, 2, 3 (except any bookstore, not just B&N), 5 & 7 especially, since the others haven’t happened for me lol. But yeah, love this list! I love how some experiences are just universal for bookworms everywhere <3

  2. This entire list is fantastic, I love it! I also love recognizing fellow authors on acknowledgments, so fascinating to see which authors are best friends and such!

  3. There is basically nothing better than being able to emotionally connect to a character on such a deep level. Those characters are always the ones that leave a lasting imprint. I also love it when someone loves a book I’ve recommended. I give me someone to fangirl with haha.

  4. danielle hammelef

    I love your list. I love when I can connect with my favorite authors on twitter or facebook and they respond! Swoon!

  5. Love your list, and of course your #1 is on any bookworm’s list!! And libraries are our second home. I’d add in libraries & bookstores are our second home! 😉

  6. This is list is awesome! And I have to agree with most of them (the one’s I don’t agree are because I haven’t experienced them. But I imagine it would be awesome and that I would agree with them once I have that experience)

  7. Omg, I love the feel of book spines–especially hardcovers; personally, they satisfy me more than the smell of books ;). Also, yay for Bookitcon Chapter 2! I won’t be able to attend since I’m on the other side of the country, but I look forward to hearing about it from you + everyone attending :).

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