Blog Tour: Guest Post about…Cows?! by A. C. Land

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 Bourbon is a small highway town about seventy miles west of St. Louis. It’s not really famous for anything, except a really cool looking water tour. A lot of people think it has whiskey in it. I’m one good dare away from finding out if that’s true or not. Don’t test me, brah.

The town got its name from the alcohol, which is actually unique. All of the other Bourbon’s in the world (Yeah, you Kentucky) were named after people, or other towns. Bourbon, Missouri was named because there is a railroad running smack through the town, parallel to Main Street. When the railroad was being built a lot of the workers would get off work and come to the tavern and have their bourbon (which was, yeah, from Kentucky). We became famous for those drunk guys always drinking up our bourbon.

Bourbon’s (the town) pretty much still famous for that. Like any small town there are about just as many cows and churches and bars as there are people. I lied, there are more cows.

I hate cows, they scare me with their big, dead eyes. And, fyi, you can’t really tip them. Or I can’t at least. They sleep for about an hour every day, and they sleep standing up. I’ve never caught one sleeping and I’ve never surprised one fast enough to tip it. Friend-to-Friend: Don’t take that Dare. You’ll lose.

A Shot of Bourbon is set geographically in Bourbon, but it’s completely fiction. There was no bank robbery in the real town. (That I know of.) And there have never been any Bourbon Butchers. There is no Bourbon High football team—seriously, there’s not. I did not write these books about anyone I know. So, please, stop asking.

Likewise, there are no cows in the Bourbon Series. So, Ha! Stupid heifers!

(A photo from the real Bourbon, Missouri) Photo Credit: BGI Photography

*~~About the Author~~* 

Author of the Bourbon series, A. C. Land has been a lover of stories since she first read about Peter Pan giving Wendy an acorn and teaching her to fly. She always dreamed of telling big stories about small towns. Residing on a cattle farm in Missouri, A. C. loves playing with her rambunctious Jack Russell, Riley, making decorative cakes, taking pictures, drinking pumpkin spice coffee, and hanging out with her nephews. 

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  1. Sarah Cone

    This sounds like a great read! One of the things that draws me in and that I’m looking forward to, is that it’s set in a small town.(I’m a small town girl myself)
    Definitely going on my TBR!! 🙂

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