GET UP OFFA THAT SLUMP: My Thoughts on My Favorite Author!

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Welcome to my fourth post for the Get Up Offa That Slump blogging extravaganza hosted by Rachel @ Beauty and the Bookshelf!

So, the original prompts were: Don’t Post That Venting Review/Bash That Book OR Review Your Favorite Book Ever

BUT…I can’t pick a favorite book! I do have a favorite author though…You might have seen her mentioned once or twice.

Hmmm….I wonder who she could be? How could I describe her?

I could never truly review her books because I know that I wouldn’t do them justice.

So…what could I do?

This was my dilemma. The following post is what I came up with- I hope you enjoy!

SPOILER ALERT: My favorite author of all time is Tamora Pierce!

As I mentioned above, I really didn’t want to review her books, because all I can say is…


So, I decided to be creative and check out some Tamora Pierce love on the internet! All I can say is WOW there are so many creative people out there! Now, I’m going to share some of my favorites from my search. I hope you enjoy!

(The Circle of Magic Quartet main characters!!! Daja, Briar, Tris, and Sandry! This is my favorite quartet from Tamora <3)


(Yay for representation!)

(The girls from the Tortall Universe!)

(Meet Beka Cooper!)


Now, do you understand my obsession? Will you join me in my Tamora Pierce Challenge? Will you read some Tamora Pierce this year?

I promise you won’t regret it!!!

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14 responses to “GET UP OFFA THAT SLUMP: My Thoughts on My Favorite Author!

  1. Oh my goodness. It must have been ten years ago that I had a couple of 8th grade students who were all about Tamora Pierce. I’d never heard of her, but in the spirit of being a good teacher, I picked up one of her books. Then another, then another…it’s been awhile since I read any, but yes! to all you say about her. I remember one where they have to dig latrines, and how it made me think–wait a minute, how did they deal with this in EVERY OTHER FANTASY I’VE EVER READ?!?

  2. I saw the image on Bloglovin and I was like omg, omg it must be Tamora! I love Tamora Pierce. I am such a massive fangirl, especially for Keladry. Hardcore Kel/Neal shipper :S

    I genuinely think Tamora Pierce might be the single most influential writer on YA today. I know people say Harry Potter, but I disagree. If you talk to a lot of bestselling YA writers, the name Tamora Pierce comes up again and again. She really opened a gateway in terms of casting truly badass female protagonists. She didn’t shy away from periods. The woman is a goddess.

    • Hahahaha of course it has to be Tamora Pierce. Who else could it be?

      And I completely agree. Tamara Pierce was an influence on SO MANY authors for years upon years.

      Harry Potter definitely is influential, but it’s still too modern to be as influential as TP (at least imo).

  3. THIS IS THE BEST POST EVER!!!! OMG baby Briar is soooo cute I just want to pinch his cheeks and take him home with me (in a not creepy/pedophile way of course!) ??? I’m so glad I discovered Tamora Pierce when I was little. Her characters were really good role models for me when I was growing up! I’m hoping to read The Circle Opens this summer!!! I’m saving up my money to buy all her Tortall books so I can read them in the fall!!!

  4. Lynnette

    I am ashamed to say I have never read Tamora Pierce 🙁 I really need to pick up one of her books now!

  5. Sarah Cone

    Sooooo… what you’re saying is, you loooove Tamora Pierce? Lol. You’re endearingly adorable. Or Adorably endearing. Actually, both work. Don’t flip out or anything,ok?… But I’ve actually never read any of her books.*cowers in shame* You’ve convinced me though, she’s going on my TBR and I pinkie promise that the next time I can get books, hers will be the ones I get.

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