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Hello there my lovely followers! I hope you’re having a great start to your week. I always like to start off my week with something fun and exciting, in hopes that it will allow me to be cheery for the rest of the week! So, I’d like to share with you something that I just found, that I’m definitely participating in!

GET UP OFFA THAT SLUMP: A BLOGGING EXTRAVAGANZA is hosted by Rachel at Beauty and the Bookshelf!

She explained it perfectly, so I’m just going to copy/abbreviate her introduction below.

Please Note: All purple words were MY COMMENTS, not Rachel’s! Everything else is Rachel’s and all credit should go to her.


Get Up Offa That Slump: A Blogging Extravaganza is a blogging “challenge” of sorts. There’s really only one goal: to just post something. And the idea isn’t for this to be some outline and pattern of memes and reviews and that’s it. It’s to show you all the things (just a few of the things) you can post on your blog and still keep it bookish. (Because we’re all here for books, right?) And, in short, the focus is on having fun, because if we’re not having fun blogging feels like a job or homework and, well, that’s no fun, right? Blogging NEEDS to be fun! If you’re not having fun, you need to re-evaluate your blog and figure out how to have fun 🙂

This explosion of blogging will last three weeks (more on the actual scheduling is below). Each day (aside from two) will two posting options, and I’ll also be posting each day, along with a Linky so we can all share and roll around in the fun. Feel free to use the banner, but please also link back to this post so people can see what this is all about and join in if they want to. Also: #bloggerextravaganza, if you fancy hashtags. I do fancy hashtags, why thank you Rachel.


YOU. ANYONE. It’s doesn’t matter where you blog or how often you blog or how long you’ve been blogging. This is for everyone. This is for you.


On your blog! It can be a Blogger blog or a WordPress blog, Instagram, Tumblr, or YouTube. It’s all blogging.


Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday beginning Wednesday, March 9 and ending Wednesday, March 30. I’m going to try my best to have my posts up by 12:00 EST every day, but sometimes school and stuff gets in the way and, weeeeeeee, finals are just around the corner! (Full schedule below.)


I don’t know about everyone else, but sometimes I think I get stuck with blogging. I’ve always wanted my blog to be more original with its content and I feel like it’s just kind of blah and does little to standout. I definitely have moments like this.

I don’t always really feel like a blogger; I feel like it’s work, and that sucks the fun out of everything. I’ve talked a little with some friends and I’ve seen things around Twitter, and I think a lot of us are in a blogging slump right now. Then this idea popped into my head–this Blogging Extravaganza–and a lot of people said they wanted to do it! It got me really excited, and, well, the rest isn’t history, but there is this post. WOOHOO!

Get Up Offa That Slump: A Blogging Extravaganza isn’t just to help bloggers get back into posting. It’s to help inspire and rejuvenate imagination, drink some of that creative juice, and make book blogging more. It’s about making blogging less like a job or schoolwork and making it fun again and reminding us why we started doing this in the first place. And we’re doing this together because we’re a community and I think it’s much more fun if we do this shindig together. (*Cue High School Musical song and dance here.*)


As I mentioned above, posts will be up by midnight PST at the latest, and each will include a Linky for sharing. I’m doing three posts a week because I don’t want to bombard you with posts and make you feel like you have to post something every day. That’s not easing you back into blogging; that’s throwing you into a marathon without any training or stretching first. Posting three days a week with this gives you four other days to post whatever you want (but you can totally double post), so voila!

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 9: An Interview With Yourself

FRIDAY, MARCH 11: Bookish Things You’d Give a Kidney For OR Inspirational, Badass, and Strong Women in Fiction

MONDAY, MARCH 14: Do a Book Tag OR If You Were a Fictional Character

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 16: Don’t Post That Venting Review/Bash That Book OR Review Your Favorite Book Ever Favorite Book…or favorite author 😉

FRIDAY, MARCH 18: Mad Libs OR Character Dating Profiles

MONDAY, MARCH 21: Book Spine Poetry OR Reenact/Read a Scene

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 23: Puppies + Books OR Pitch a Book I think we ALL know which prompt I’m picking 😉

FRIDAY, MARCH 25: Plan a Fictional Trip OR Make an Idea Board

MONDAY, MARCH 28: Tell Us Your Ways OR Your Dream Easter Basket

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 30: The Positives of Blogging

NOW DOESN’T THIS SOUND AMAZING??? I won’t be participating everyday, but I’m definitely going to be participating for some of the prompts…*cough* I think Puppies + Books is the perfect blog post…it was meant to be…just saying 😉 *cough*

If you’d like to sign up, click HERE to be directed to Rachel’s post! She also has descriptions of all of the different days and prompts.

I can’t wait to get started! 😀

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