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Prom Season is the Best! The Worst!

By Ami Allen-Vath with special guests

Since Liars and Losers Like Us takes place during prom season, I thought it’d be the perfect time to share my own prom picture and the pictures and anecdotes from a few of my author friends. Be sure to read until the end for info on the book giveaway and the fabulous parting gifts!


Ami Allen-Vath, Author of Liars and Losers Like Us

PROM DATE: The Friend Turned Boyfriend

PROMPOSAL: Maybe he asked me in a note but most likely it was more of a “Yeah, well, since we’re boyfriend/girlfriend now and prom is coming…” In his defense, “promposals” were not a thing then and if they were, he would’ve done something really adorable.

THE BEST: Dancing with the group of people we went with and feeling less self-conscious than usual. I wasn’t even drunk! *cabbage-patches• 

THE WORST: Not knowing where to put my hands in the group photo poses. All the other girls had their arms at their sides and mine were like “Hi, I’m Ami’s awkward hands and limp wrists.” 

Ami Allen-Vath is the author of LIARS AND LOSERS LIKE US, about a teen dealing with anxiety, grief, and first love––all during prom season. Ami can be found on Twitter: @amilouiseallen and


Lily Anderson, Author of The Only Thing Worse Than Me Is You


PROMPOSAL: “We’re all too broke to buy prom tickets, but we can bowl for free! Yes, you can still wear your prom dress.” 

THE BEST: Five theater geeks rolling into the local bowling alley in dresses and tuxes with a giant stuffed monkey. (We might have carried a giant stuffed monkey with us everywhere in high school? His name was Monkey. And, yes, he also wore a suit to prom bowling.) 

THE WORST: It is surprisingly hard to bowl in a ball gown. That is my excuse for all those gutter balls and I’m sticking to it. 

Lily Anderson is the author of the upcoming THE ONLY THING WORSE THAN ME IS YOU, a book about people as nerdy as she was in high school. You can find her on Twitter: @ms_lilyanderson and 

Bethany Prom My Senior Ball

Bethany C Morrow, Author of The Last Life Of Avrilis

PROM DATE: My marching band bestie! A gal pal I knew I’d have fun with.

PROMPOSAL: Well, since I had a boyfriend with whom I didn’t want to go, I sort of had to do an un-proposal? (This sounds horrible, but I really think he took it fine!)

THE BEST: Getting a vintage cocktail dress and people thinking I’d actually chopped and dyed my hair. (Come on, guise.)

THE WORST: Being a tall-girl-slouch in the picture!

Bethany C Morrow is the author of THE LAST LIFE OF AVRILIS  (Month9Books, September 2016), a story about a girl living in a twin-planet world where time repeats – and there’s no prom. She tweets more than is advisable @BCMorrow and otherwise lives at!


Rachael Allen, Author of 17 First Kisses and The Revenge Playbook

PROM DATE: The Small Town Boyfriend You Think Is SO SERIOUS (until you get to college and realize it’s too late for him and his white horse to catch you now)

PROMPOSAL: I don’t know if there was one. I think it was just a given since we’d been together so long.

THE BEST: My dress. It was simple, straight, sheer, black, and backless. Would totally still hold up today. Unlike my humongous wrist corsage…

THE WORST: I kind of wonder what prom would have been like if I had spent more time with friends and less time glued to my boyfriend. But that’s okay. That’s what sorority formals were for 🙂

Rachael Allen is the author of 17 FIRST KISSES and THE REVENGE PLAYBOOK, THE REVENGE PLAYBOOK a book about four girls who band together to get revenge on the football team by beating them at their annual scavenger hunt. Find Rachael on Twitter: @rachael_allen and


K.C. Held, Author of Holding Court

PROM DATE: The Friend Turned Boyfriend

PROMPOSAL: I’m not sure if he actually asked or if it was just a given.

THE BEST: My BFF and I decided that if our dates got to rent their outfits, we should too. So we wore tuxes. With miniskirts.

THE WORST: I don’t remember a worst! It was my 18th birthday and I got to go to a fancy party in a limo with a Ricky Schroder doppelgänger!

K.C. Held is the author of HOLDING COURT, a rollicking romantic mystery featuring a blurting girl, an unattainable boy, and a disappearing dead body. K.C. can be found on Twitter: @KCHeld and at


Kate Hart, Author of After The Fall

PROM DATE: The OTP (we got married 3 years later and this summer will be our 15th wedding anniversary)

PROMPOSAL: None, unless you count, “Do you want to go?” “Eh, I guess we should.”

THE BEST: My date and the dates of some friends hired a jazz ensemble from our high school to play music while we ate a meal the boys had prepared.

THE WORST: His ’78 Lincoln broke down on the way to the dance, and a friend’s date threw a punch at me when I tried to rescue her from an unwanted hotel room afterparty. (Luckily he missed and hit my shoulder.)

Kate Hart is the author of AFTER THE FALL, coming January 24, 2017 from FSG. She also writes at YA Highway, hosts the Badass Ladies You Should Know series, and enjoys taking so many books out of the library that her children ask why people are staring.

Prom 1

Dana Elmendorf, Author of South of Sunshine

PROM DATE: BFF Who Wore Matching Metallic Pink Tie and Cummerbund

PROM PROPOSAL: Um, I didn’t want to take my boyfriend (who was two years younger) so I asked my best guy friend, probably by running into him in the hall and saying, “Hey, wanna be my prom date?”

THE BEST: Hanging at prom with my four best friends!

THE WORST: Dude, I had a blast at my prom.  There is no worst.

Born and raised in small town in Tennessee, Dana Elmendorf now lives in southern California with her husband, two boys and her tiny dog Sookie. Her debut novel SOUTH OF SUNSHINE comes out April 1, 2016: In a town like Sunshine, Kaycee knows better than to fall for a girl. Dana can be found on Twitter: @DanaElmendorf  and


Lindsay Eager, Author of Hour of the Bees

PROM DATE: The Cheese Stands Alone

PROMPOSAL: Me, helping the boy I was in love with ask out the librarian with a clever note in the book drop

THE WORST: Going solo to the dance and winning junior prom queen; standing alone during the royalty dance; watching that boy dance with his date without once looking up at me

THE BEST: Holding my head high during the entire song; stuffing my purse with brownies; driving my mom’s minivan home early

Lindsay Eagar is the author of HOUR OF THE BEES, a magical realism about finding your roots and living life to the fullest. Lindsay can be found on Twitter: @lindsaymccall

Thanks for checking out some of our prom bests and worsts! Feel free to share any bests and worsts of your own high school dances in the comments below. Fun (and appropriate!) pictures are always welcome!

Bonus Parting Gift! Email Ami at for a Prom Season is the best/worst signed bookmark.

And enter the GIVEAWAY for a copy or preorder of any one of the above-featured author’s books! US/INTL.

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    I always love looking at photos of people dressed in formal wear. So many beautiful dresses and how much styles have changed since the days of huge shoulder pads and puffs!

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