January SST: The Love That Split the World by Emily Henry Interview!!!

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I decided to ask Emily Henry a couple of rapid fire “this or that” questions and…well…this is what happened! #EmilyHasTheBestAnswersEver

Dogs or cats? I’m sorry–dogs! Most cats hate me. I’m too much like the toddler who chases them under the couch. There are a few cats I’m pals with but I wanted to be greeted at the door like I’m a member of One Direction. Whenever I go to my parents’ house, my family dog gets so excited that he LITERALLY runs back and forth. I even think more humans should greet their friends that way.

Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate every time.

Sweet or sour or spicy? Hmm, I’m tempted to say spicy, but honestly I can’t handle things that are too hot. But still, I think a lot of my favorite flavors tend to fall on the “spicy” end of the spectrum.

Sun or moon? Incredibly torn right now. The moon seems so much more magical and mystical, and on a purely aesthetic level, I’d go moon. BUT! I’m a leo, and my ~ruling planet~ is the sun. I need it to survive, and without it I severely crumble. (Shout out to winter: I hate you so much!)

Red or blue? This shouldn’t be so difficult! Blue for most of my life, but I’m feeling drawn to red right now. Probably because winter’s bumming me out. I think I still ultimately choose blue.

Pencil or pen? Pen.

Physical book or ebook? Physical book. I love my Kindle, but there’s really nothing better than getting a brand-new (or gently used) hard cover, in my opinion.

Coffee or tea? COFFEE. I do like tea–especially black tea–a lot, but I drink so much coffee everyday that my husband and I agreed to start making it half-decaf… so that we could drink more without losing our minds.

Fruits or vegetables? I think fruit is more appealing to me but I eat way more vegetables. Assuming kale and onions are technically vegetables? But then again, I eat a ton of tomatoes and those are technically fruit. My instinct is to say fruit.

Hot or cold? Hooooooot. Unless there’s a ton of snow, then I can get behind cold more. But… right now I have to choose hot.

Monkeys or penguins? PENGUINS! And not just because of my publisher. Penguin’s are some of the cutest and goofiest creatures out there, and I love everything about them. Monkeys are amazing and adorable but honestly, they freak me out a little bit. Maybe just because I’ve only ever seen them in captivity and it’s strange to see something so human-looking behind glass. It bums me out and unsettles me. But if I could, I would have pet penguins. I actually recently had a dream that I went to a family friends’ house and they’d left their pool uncovered and there were penguins swimming in the icy water, and it was a very fun and nice dream.

Beach or pool? Beach, absolutely. Pools are a great substitute for the beach, but there aren’t many things I’d take over the shores of Lake Michigan. I don’t think people (who live elsewhere) realize how “beachy” it actually is in summer and in winter, you can walk out on the frozen parts of the lake. It freezes at a much higher level than the rest of the lake so you can sit on the ledge of the frozen part and look down yards to the water. It’s so magical and beautiful.

Summer or Winter? This depends totally on geography, I think. We haven’t been getting a ton of snow where I live, which makes winter blah, but our summer’s are usually incredibly humid, which makes them very UGH. I’ll go with summer. Even if it’s gross, you spend more time outside, which is really important to me!

About the Author:

Emily Henry is full-time writer, proofreader, and donut connoisseur. She studied creative writing at Hope College and the New York Center for Art & Media Studies, and now spends most of her time in Cincinnati, Ohio, and the part of Kentucky just beneath it. She tweets @EmilyHenryWrite.

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5 responses to “January SST: The Love That Split the World by Emily Henry Interview!!!

  1. Sarah Cone

    Love this post;it is so fun! Great questions, btw and it turns out Emily and I have several things in common, like preference for: coffee,chocolate, pens, physical books, fruits & summer. Also, I Soooo want to read TLTSTW, like, right now! 🙂

  2. Hahahha yes. I like cats, but 1) I’m allergic and 2) dogs do come to greet you at the door, and it’s great. But honestly, I think I would prefer any pet to having no pets, I will have to convince my parents to get some sort of animal.

    I have a love hate relationship with winter/cold and summer/hot. I love snow, but not ALL the time. I love when it’s hot, but I can’t stand it being humid (who does). So I’ll just settle for the middle.

    Awesome interview! I love how unique and interesting this is to read 🙂

    • DOGS ARE THE BEST. ABSOLUTELY. And uhhhhhhh what about Ollie? 0.0 Now I feel stupid…Ollie??? And thanks! I absolutely LOVED this interview- it’s one of my favorites!

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