ARC Review: Passenger by Alexandra Bracken

Posted January 8, 2016 by Nori in Book Reviews / 13 Comments

I’d like to start with a throwback to May, on the second day of BEA. I knew that Disney-Hyperion would be handing out Passenger ARCs, so I camped out with my BEA squad for hours before the doors opened, just so I could get an ARC. I wanted to read Passenger, badly. I had very high hopes. When the doors opened, I sprinted towards the booth, and got in line to get the ARC. Woohoo, I did it! But my celebration didn’t last for long- I found out that Alexandra Bracken was editing PASSENGER and she suggested not even reading the BEA ARCs because they wouldn’t have the same story. Ugh. But then, I found out that Disney was granting wishes on Netgalley, so I requested the eARC! Lucky me, my wish was granted! Woohoo take two!

Except…unfortunately…PASSENGER didn’t live up to my expectations. At all. The beginning of this book was very slow. After getting through 15%, if it had been any other book, I probably would have DNFed it. I didn’t really care about any of the characters, and I just felt like everything was being info-dumped.

About 25% in, I realized that there was a point of view switch. I wasn’t expecting it, and it took me a couple of pages to actually realize what had happened. This also threw me for a loop. I finally started to enjoy the story after I reached the halfway point. That was when the plot became apparent and the characters finally became three-dimensional. So, I guess it’s good that the end was the best part- but the end itself wasn’t anything spectacular either. It was just better than the beginning.

Overall I was disappointed in PASSENGER, and give it 2.5/5stars.



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13 responses to “ARC Review: Passenger by Alexandra Bracken

  1. Wow this is just saddening. I was never really interested in Passenger to begin with. But I kind of wanted to try it just for the gorgeous cover lol. But I just keep hearing mixed reviews. I think I’m just going to skip it.

    Also I don’t understand why they’d make arcs if the story is still in the early editing process 😐

  2. I’m so so so glad I wasn’t the only black sheep when it came to Passenger! Even though I read the BEA ARC, it seems like from your review there weren’t any DRASTIC changes? I guess I might look through a published copy though! Who knows!


  3. Oh no! You’re actually not the only person I’ve seen rate Passenger so low. Sucks that such a highly anticipated book had to turn out to be so disappointing. 🙁

  4. SAD. So I started this (the BEA ARC that Val so helpfully and wonderfully obtained for me because she is a fabulous humanperson), and I just… couldn’t. I was BORED. I didn’t care about the violin or whatever. But I also was going through some stuff, so I was slumping in general, so I figured maybe it was just me. THEN I heard that the finished book was not only MUCH different than the BEA ARCs, but even the regular ARCs, so I decided to not even bother until I could read a finished copy. But now, I am still not hopeful.

    The Darkest Minds started to drag for me after the first book too, but I loved the characters so I kept reading but… I worry now, I wanted to love this one so much. Meh, I don’t have it yet, nor do I ever HAVE to read it, so you know, one of these days I’ll pick it up again. Probably. Maybe. Sorry that it was such a disappointment 🙁

  5. Sarah Cone

    It’s always such a bummer when you have high expectations and end up being disappointed so I’m sorry this was the case for you this time, Nori. I was really excited about Passenger too, not just because of all the hype but because it sounded like a really great plot concept. Now that I too have seen mixed reviews, my excitement is fading and even though I’ll probably still give it a try, it’s definitely not anywhere near as high up on my list as it used to be.

  6. Sam

    I felt the same way! Everyone has been raving about Passenger and honestly, I just didn’t love it. Sure, I had some parts I liked but overall I felt there were quite a few History info dumps and I wasn’t a fan of the Etta/Nicholas relationship. I was honestly so upset I didn’t like it because it had been getting lots of good ratings. 🙁

  7. Lynnette

    Sorry you didn’t like this one! I’ve heard such good things about it and was thinking about picking it up when it came out. But now I don’t think I’ll read it!

  8. We can’t love EVERY book, right? I have heard so many mixed reviews of this book. I may still read it, but it will go on my “get it at the library “list. Books are expensive and, while I want to support authors, I need to be realistic about how many books I can purchase. Thanks for an honest review.

  9. I really enjoyed this one, though I admit it started slow. But for me it just reached this point where everything started building and I needed to know what happened next.
    Or maybe my crush on Nicholas was growing and pushing me along to read 😛

  10. Ummm, after reading your review I think I’m not gonna order it online (it’s not available in my country either formats paper/e), I’ll wait until I’ll go to europe this summer it’s less expensive there. because I still want to read it <3

    Btw I appreciate the honest review 🙂 thanks

  11. Lol, I didn’t know Alex was telling people not to read it. I’m most of the way through my BEA ARC right now. Oops. I have actually enjoyed the second half more, I think I feel more connected with the characters, but the first half was kind of slow. And the relationship between Nicholas and Etta feels too deep too fast, and I’m trying to figure out where they bonded so much. I like it, but not as much as I’d hoped. Probably a 3.5 or something.


  12. I’m sorry you didn’t love this! I had a hard time getting into it too and the POV switch and romance kind of threw me off, but I ended up finding it enjoyable, although not as amazing as I’d hoped.


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