Book Blogger Creativity Project Wrap-up~ A Lesson I Learned From Failing

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I am happy to say that finally, finally, the Book Blogger Creativity Project has been completed by all of the groups (that plan on finishing). Yes, it took until December to complete the BBCP, the project that I started in August 2015. (To see the initial post, click HERE)

I’m going to be brutally honest in this post. I messed up. I had an idea, thought it made sense, and put it out to the world.

(Me coming up with this idea)

Just so you all have some context- I didn’t “limit” signups for BBCP- everyone who applied was accepted- so I was in charge of over 100 people, (118) to be exact. I formed 13 groups and had 9 people plus me in each group.

I then challenged each group to come up with a blog post idea/feature that was unique. I was hoping that this would spark some creativity in all of the bloggers so that people would be more motivated to blog.


I didn’t want there to be a specific “leader” because the whole point of the project was to work together, as a group, rather than having one person make the final decision for everything.


  1. When making groups, ALWAYS pick a leader.

Near the middle of the project, I assigned “ambassadors” as unofficial leaders, and it definitely helped, but I think that if I would have started earlier, it would have made the whole project run smoother.

  1. Set deadlines!

Again, I was relaxed with this. I told everyone that I wanted this to be done before November, but that was the only deadline that I set. This became an issue, and the project dragged because no specific deadlines motivated people.

  1. Time zones are important!

Some people weren’t able to contribute as much because they were in a different timezone than the majority of members in their group. It’s important to consider that when forming groups.

  1. It’s important to promote chatting in order to build new friendships.

One common theme that I noticed when I read through the wrapup poll that I asked the members to fill out was that they didn’t feel like they bonded with their teammates. This makes me really sad, because one of the main points of the project was to make new friends.

  1. Life gets in the way.


I mentioned earlier in the post that originally, 118 participated in the BBCP. By the end, a lot of people dropped out, and only 70 people actually ended up participating.

As more and more people dropped out, I felt horrible. With all of the features that I’ve organized, this is the only one that I felt  backfired spectacularly.

But, here’s the thing. While I felt like the project failed, the participants apparently felt differently.

As I mentioned above, I asked everyone who participated if they would be willing to fill out a brief anonymous form so I could see what their thoughts were on the project. 37 people answered, and their comments really surprised me!

One thing that I asked was for them to rate their enjoyment level from 1-5 (1=lowest, 5=highest)

Here were the results!

Rating # of responses
1 0
2 4
3 10
4 18
5 5


I also asked if they would be willing/want to participate if I hosted this in the future.

It turns out that only 3 people said no! That means 34/37 people would participate again!

I am going to admit- I was shocked. Absolutely shocked. After all, I really felt like I messed up badly, but according to everyone else…I guess I didn’t?

(This was me after seeing the results)

Now, at this point, you may be asking- what is the point of this post?


Well, there are a couple of points.

  1. Just because you THINK that you failed doesn’t mean that’s always true.
  1. Everyone is allowed to make mistakes- your friends will forgive and support you.
  1. If you mess up, learn from your mistakes, and do it better next time!


Also, I wanted to thank all of the BBCP members for sticking with me through this project. I appreciate it more than you know! <3

Here is a link to all of the posts from the BBCP members! Make sure to check them out- because I am really proud of everyone for coming up with the features that they did! <3


Red Team: Claire ~ Tuzi ~ Tiffany ~ Angelica ~ Aentee ~ Aila ~ Shannelle ~ Claire ~ Nori

The Hot Chocolates: Wesaun ~ Angela ~ Elizabeth ~ Olivia ~ Elly ~ Brittany ~ Alice ~ Milka ~ Nori ~  The Overall Linky

Fern Team: Cyra ~ Katherine ~ Lizzie ~ Tamara ~ Ashley ~ Lauren ~ Shayna ~ Nori

Hot Pink Team: Brittany ~ Veronica ~ KJ ~ Maggie ~ Let ~ Orchid ~ Kaila ~ Debbie ~ Nori

Lilac Team: Wren ~ Fatima ~ Rhea ~ Emily ~ Pamela ~ Nori

Orange Team: Alexandra ~ Stephanie ~ Shay ~ Christina ~ Alejandra ~ Jessi ~ Rose ~ Justin ~ Jade ~ Nori

The Rose Society: Eli ~ Mariam ~ Melanie ~ Isha ~ Lillie ~ Nicole ~ Nori

Teal Team: Melissa ~ Elizabeth ~ Bea ~ Maryam ~ Stephanie ~ Rachel ~ Nori

Yellow Team: Stefani ~ Karina ~ Sarah ~ Lauren ~ CJ ~ Kim ~ The Book Jar ~ Nori

Sky Blue Team: Kelly ~ Dani ~ Otakutwins ~ Sofia ~ Emily ~ Nori

I’d also like to give a shoutout to the teams that unfortunately didn’t make it…thank you Green, Gray, and Purple Team. You are sorely missed. 🙁

But, I don’t want to end this on a sad note. I want to hear from YOU!

Have you ever created a feature that failed? What did you do? Did you learn from the experience? Also, what feature/team did you like the best? I loved how creative ALL of the ideas were!

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11 responses to “Book Blogger Creativity Project Wrap-up~ A Lesson I Learned From Failing

  1. I think if you tried this again with those guidelines, you would see more of a success rate. 🙂 I also think playing some fun get-to-know-you games throughout the time period would help team members bond!

    My feature, Spectaculary Swanky Saturdays, failed MISERABLY. It was supposed to be started by six of us and encouraging for other to join in. We kept it running for six months, and during that time, two of the original six stopped posting the feature, and not one single person joined in on the swanky Saturday fun. It was a spectacular failure of a feature. I’m afraid a couple more of my features are currently heading that way as well. I’ve asked myself why swanky Saturday failed, and maybe it’s because it was monthly, so people would consistently forget about it. I really don’t know though… Maybe one day I’ll try to revamp it and start it back up, but for now… I don’t think it’s the right time.

  2. Well the project still happened so I wouldn’t say it was a failure!
    I think we’ve all had some doozies that we’ve tried out and I know I’ve had a few (not that this one was but I understand being frustrated about it). It’s really hard to know what will be a hit and what people will struggle with. I’ve definitely run a few features/projects that I thought would take off and there just wasn’t much interest or I realized that I didn’t structure it well. From experience, I can say that most of the things I’ve hosted/tried to host work best with clear direction and keeping things simple. Plus anything I tried to do over a long period of time, people got sick or or forgot about. I also think that too many people are just too busy to participate in a lot of things and end up dropping out because they like the idea but realize they don’t really have the time. I’ve had tons of sign ups for a project and then only like 5-10 people actively participated.
    Honestly, the more things you host, the more you will get the feel of what people are interested in and sadly, the more “failures” you’ll have. Personally, I’ve given up a little on the projects because I felt like I was just trying to force things that didn’t need to be and I kind of felt like people weren’t interested in what I was trying to do. I ended up being a lot choosier and I feel like I’ve had greater success with the things that I did decide to do.
    As with all blogging things, it’s just been a learning curve for me!

  3. Lynnette

    I think it’s wonderful that you posted this very objective post. I think it will help other bloggers in creating their own features! There is nothing wrong with failing and I think people sometime forget that! Sometimes failing is the best way to learn. I for one did not actually think that this feature failed! I always looked forward to reading posts from BBCP. I know that you will create many successful features in years to come 🙂

  4. I think you need to cut yourself some slack 😉 I think a lot of us knew that it was a new idea/concept and that kinks had to be worked out. As the first group of people to attempt, things weren’t going to be as smooth as peanut butter.

    As someone who has organized a lot of group events and the like, some things sound better in theory than they are in execution; but you often don’t know that until you actually execute it.

    The real key is to learn from those mistakes, take in the feedback and change your execution for the future. And you’ll never satisfy 5% of people no matter what you do.

    It was a great idea and I hope to see it revamped in the near future 🙂

  5. Nori, you are fierce and brave! All bloggers try new features and have ideas that don’t work like we thought they would. But I think you can see that many people did benefit from this project. Keep sending out ideas to the Blogasphere! You never know which ones will be hits.

  6. Haha, I love the gifs! Don’t feel bad and know that you are not alone! Several bloggers and people in general try out ideas that SOUND fantastic, but they don’t have a clear vision yet. In fact, I remember you telling me that through DMs :). However, even though it “fails” it didn’t really. Now you and others can learn from the experience and probably develop this idea and turn into something better! Keep putting your ideas out there. Don’t be afraid of failure; it’s just as inevitable as achieving.

    Jess @ Princessica of Books | Twitter | Instagram

  7. AW Nori! You always have some fantastic ideas, and I absolutely loved this one! I honestly cannot remember if I took part in the survey or not but I loved doing this project and would definitely do it again. I think that anything good starts out as a failure in the creator’s mind. I think that shows that you want to make it even better if you do it again. It’s so awesome that you can learn from your mistakes and that you can post about it and try to send out this positive message because of it. You keep working on those awesome ideas! You definitely inspire non-creative bloggers such as myself!

  8. Yes I definitely think this was a learning experience! And I’m going to have to agree in that setting guidelines does help in that it doesn’t leave the blogger/participant flailing around saying “What should we do!” (like me, during my real life college projects).

    And I don’t think this was a failure at all. Because like you said, you learned from it even though there were probably tons of frustrating moments. And second, almost everyone who participated enjoyed doing so! So yay!

    Although I do regret not being able to participate, I don’t think I would’ve handled the commitment. I had real life projects unfortunately (cries)

  9. Ha… seeing your project fall apart is never fun :/ I still thought BBCP was a lot of fun :). I didn’t get to chat much because I was busy but it was a great, unique idea. Good job Nori, props to you :).
    I haven’t really made any features, my first two will be Bloggers and Dragons and the Pet Spotlight, I am SO hoping they dont’ fail but we shall see :).
    This post was inspiring though, I’ll have to check back on it in case one of my ideas do fail.

  10. Aw, don’t think of it as a failure girl!! I think you did a pretty darn good job, considering how unwilling some of the people were. You can’t force people to cooperate or be motivated. I think you did a fabulous job!! I do think it’s a great learning experience though, so you can tweak some things in the future. I would definitely be on board!

    • Thank you so much Jessi! That means a lot to me. <3 It was definitely tough, but I really am hoping to make it much better for 2016!!! *fingers crossed*

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