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I am excited to announce the second challenge that I’m hosting for 2016! While the first challenge (the Read Tamora Pierce Challenge) is pretty specific, this one is really vague.

It’s called the Commenting 365 Challenge.

You may be asking- what does this mean? Does this mean that you want to comment every day on someone’s blog? While I would love to do that, unfortunately, that’s just not realistic.

So…what is it?

Let me tell you. My goal in 2016 is to visit and comment on 365 blogs. Yes, I’m serious. It may sound like a big number, but I’m confident that I can do it if I focus on the goal and work hard.

You might have read my discussion post yesterday (click HERE if not) where I discussed when/how/where I follow people. This challenge goes hand in hand with that discussion. I realized that while I was active with talking to everyone on Twitter, I was NOT active with talking/interacting with them on their actual blogs. That’s a problem- and I’m hoping that this challenge can help fix it!

So, how am I going to be picking these blogs? Well, I’m actually leaving that up to YOU, the readers!

If you want me to stop by your blog, then click HERE and fill out the form! It’s super quick- I promise.

Of course, I don’t want to do this challenge myself. That wouldn’t be fun. So, if you’d like to join the challenge, you have two options as far as picking the 365 blogs.

1) Use the master list from the form that I have created

2) Create your own master list of blogs

Either way, please fill out THIS super quick form if you’re interested in participating so that I can add you to the list of participants!

I’m really excited to find some great new blogs through this! I hope you’ll join me in this blog-hopping journey 🙂


75 responses to “Commenting 365 Challenge!

  1. Wow this sounds like such a cool challenge!! I never would have thought of it but it sounds like a great way to motivate us. Especially me since this year has been so tough. I feel like I’ve already burned out (commenting) for the year. But it seems great since it’s almost a new year!!

  2. Great idea! I’m definitely joining in. Your master list will be a great way of introducing myself to new blogs, looking forward to that. Also glad you made it 365 blogs and not comment everyday. I’d probably miss a day or two and then feel like I’ve failed the challenge (or maybe not even join in).

  3. Crini

    OMG, that’s such a cool idea. I participated in a comment challenge the last two years, but those were about the numbers of comments, not the blogs. This is such a cool idea, I’m definitely in!

  4. LOOOOVE this idea! So great. I love discovering and finding new blogs to comment on — and this seems like the perfect solution to me. Besides, I’ve been busy/very tired lately, so I’ve fallen behind on commenting. This might motivate me. 🙂

  5. That is a very creative and interesting challenge! 😀 I’m not going to dedicate myself to this, but I’ll make sure to check out your updates every now and then to find a few new blogs I could visit too.

  6. Nori, I LOVE THIS CHALLENGE. I am 100% signing up. I find that I haven’t really been commenting on blogs although I absolutely love doing it!! I think 365 is a really great number (and I’m hoping I will achieve it halfway through the year!!). Signing up right now. Thanks so much for this! <3

    The Writing Hustle
    My Not So Real Life

  7. Lynnette

    This is such an amazing idea! It’s a great way to get people more involved in the book community and to generate awareness for other blogs. LOVE it!

  8. I’m not sure I could do this, because I like to follow certain bloggers and develop trust in their taste. That many blogs seems really hard for me to keep track of! I am encouraged by your challenge though, and I’m going to actively try to remember to comment more on blogs I follow to let the bloggers know that I AM READING and I love what they do.

  9. Sarah Cone

    Wow! What a great goal! You are such a tremendous asset to the bookish community and I’m sure the other bloggers will really appreciate this. If anyone can meet this goal, it’s you! GO NORI,GO!

  10. Gwendolyn

    I am on board Nori! I have a scheduled post for January 1st on my blog talking about the challenge. I signed up for the master list and filled out the participation form. I am excited at possibly meeting new bloggers and making friends.

  11. This is such a great idea! This is an amazing way to get to know other bloggers and find some amazing blogs too! Can’t wait to see the list you come up with!

  12. Lauren Becker

    What a fun idea! If someone comments on my blog and they have a blog themselves, I always visit and comment back. I really like finding new blogs though and i like making new bloggy connections/friends, so this is a great idea for that. I just signed up. I think I’ll use your Master List! 🙂


  13. […] I’m not particularly good at following through with reading challenges–I read the books but never update my progress or indicate I’m in a challenge in any way–so I’ve given up on signing up for them.  However, I wanted to comment more in 2016 and was thrilled to find Nori from ReadWriteLove28 is hosting a Commenting 365 Challenge. […]

  14. […] 3. Comment and interact more with the bookish community – I started being more active on Twitter and Instagram this December, and it has been on of the most rewarding experiences ever! I have met so many wonderful people.  I want to keep it up and spread the blogging love with Nori’s Commenting 365 Days Challenge! […]

  15. […] The Commenting 365 Challenge is hosted by Nori @ReadWriteLove28. I am keeping track of all of the wonderful blogs I’ve visited and commented on on Google Sheets. As of January, I commented on 36/365 blogs! This month I haven’t commented on many, but I know I will definitely find the time to sometime during the end of this month. You can view all the blogs I’ve commented on here, or if you want more info. on the challenge you can click here OR here. […]

  16. Sounds like a really cool challenge! 😀 Though I had a question, what if we want to participate and make our own list but also want to see what your master list is? Can we see it?

  17. Gah! I’m so glad I stumbled upon this hashtag and challenge on twitter today! Thank you, Nori, for hosting this! I’m stoked to get more involved in the [book] blogging community this year. 🙂

  18. Ara

    I bookmarked this page way back when but didn’t want to commit – I only just created my blog so now I’m very, VERY tempted to take part in this challenge. It’s such a good idea to get involved in the community, especially for a newbie like me!

  19. […] As of April, I have commented on 66/365 blogs. I am way behind, but I feel that I will get most of my comments in the summertime, when I will constantly be commenting because of my free time. Also, sometimes I find it difficult to keep track of which blogs I am commenting on because sometimes I like to go on “commenting sprees”. But I have been given some advice, so I should be okay. I have come across some awesome blogs, so if YOU want me to come to your blog and show it some love, make sure you fill out THIS FORM!! You can view all the blogs I’ve commented on here, or if you want more info. on the challenge you can click here OR here. […]

  20. amo

    I’m not going to commit to a set number of blogs to visit/comment on, but I’m fully on board with the “comment on more blogs” idea. Bring it on!

  21. […] I would like to say that I think I am doing..okay for this challenge! I had a major commenting spree last month, which got me from 75/365 comments to 108/365, so…I think I’ll be okay…? It’s not necessarily halfway..but I mean, we’ll make it work 🙂 I have come across some awesome blogs, so if YOU want me to come to your blog and show it some love, make sure you fill out THIS FORM!! You can view all the blogs I’ve commented on here, or if you want more info. on the challenge you can click here OR here. […]

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