Why and How Do You Follow Blogs?

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Hello everyone! I have two topics for you today, and I’m excited to hear your thoughts.

Recently, I was going through my Bloglovin, and I had a thought. I currently follow 90 blogs on Bloglovin, which means that in any given week, I have approximately 500-800 posts to look through. Do I read all of them? No, of course not. Whether I like it or not, blogging isn’t my full time job. Do I wish it was? Sometimes, but that’s another story for another day.

500-800 posts per week is insane. Absolutely insane. And sometimes, when I’m busy, I don’t have time to look at Bloglovin for a couple of weeks. This causes me to become extremely behind, and that in turn makes me sad.

There are some blogs that I follow through email, but unfortunately, the same thing happens. If I don’t have time to immediately look at the post, it sits in my email and takes up room in my inbox. That’s not fun either. After all, a busy inbox just causes stress and…blogging isn’t supposed to be stressful.

So, I’m curious. How do you follow your favorite blogs? Through email? Through Bloglovin? Through GFC? Another way? How do you manage to keep up with all of them? Do you specifically designate certain days to reading blog posts, or do you try to read posts everyday?

Also…in the beginning of the post, I mentioned that I had two topics to discuss. The first one was above, and here is the second one.

While going through my Bloglovin, I had another thought.

Do I miss out on finding new blogs because I’m only reading my ‘old’ favorite blogs? After all, as I mentioned above, it’s hard for me to find time to visit the blogs that I currently follow, and I will be the first to admit that I don’t tend to read a ton of posts from blogs that I don’t know.

As most of you know by now, I’m *pretty* active on Twitter. I am happy to say that I have made a lot of blogging friends through Twitter! But now that I’m thinking about it, should I call them blogging friends? Or would the proper name be Twitter friends?

I came to a realization. I don’t visit my Twitter friends’ blogs as much as I should. And that makes me feel horrible. I want to support everyone, but yet it seems like I’m only supporting a small number of my blogger friends.

So, now that you’ve heard my thoughts, I’m curious to hear yours. Are most of the bloggers that you interact with on Twitter truly your blogging friends, or are they actually just bookish Twitter friends?

I’m curious to hear your thoughts!

Also, stay tuned tomorrow- I’m introducing a new challenge for 2016!

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30 responses to “Why and How Do You Follow Blogs?

  1. I follow blogs on both GFC and Bloglovin’. It’s easier to follow a blog that uses Blogger though because following them through GFC makes them pop on the Blogger Dashboard.

    I used to visit blogs everyday but that was before I only knew a small amount of blogs. Ever since joining Twitter, the number of blogs I love has increased. It’s a reason why I haven’t really been keeping up with my commenting game lately. I’ll comment here and there but not as I used to. It makes me feel sad when people comment on my blog and I haven’t visited their blog. I know we don’t have to but I just think that’s courtesy, you know?

    It does make it easier on me to have the blogs I love on my blog roll. That’s what I use when I want to blog hop.

    And I would call my Twitter friends, my blogger friends as well because I do visit most of the blogger’s blogs I talk to.

    Awesome post, Nori!! And looking forward to this new challenge of yours!!

  2. I usually follow through email, bloglovin and the WordPress reader. Sometimes through gmail/google plus for Blogger-based sites – but I rarely comment on those (seems like a hassle). Like you said, email posts usually sit in my inbox for awhile and when I do check them, it’s at random moments.

    I’m more likely to comment on posts if I can do so through the WordPress app. It’s just so much more convenient for me (I also mainly use Twitter/social media through phone apps) and really fast. For the Twitter thing you mentioned, when I started using WordPress I went and followed everyone’s blog (everyone I follow on Twitter), if I could read, comment, etc. through the WordPress reader app.

    I think you’ve brought up a very interesting conversation on whether people are your Twitter friends or blogger friends.

  3. I follow through Bloglovin, the WordPress feed (for WordPress.com blogs), and email for a select blogs. I also like to visit blogs from Twitter, but sometimes it’s hard to catch all the links because things move so fast on Twitter. If really want to follow a particular blog, I try to remember to add it to my Bloglovin’ feed.

    I don’t read all the posts that come up in my feed, but I’m always looking for new blogs to follow. I love new and interesting content.

  4. I use a site called InoReader since it was the closest to Google Reader that I could find. With it I can check individual blogs for new posts or all of them or mark all as read if I’m overwhelmed. You can also make folders for categorizing them :D. Therefore I’ve started just following every scifi and fantasy book blog I can find to find new books in my favorite genres.

  5. I tend to follow my favorite blogs through Bloglovin and Twitter, although my favorite and default way is through WordPress Reader. Those three are the easiest to follow and to read, in hall honesty. I try to read every day, that way the posts don’t pile up too much and I can’t catch up again. Sometimes I might let it slide for a week, but then I feel really bad and binge on every single blog – which makes me feel stalkerish sometimes.

    My twitter friends are a mixture of random people I follow that probably don’t know I exist, random bookish people that I have minor awesome interactions with, and then my actual hard core blogging friends – especially the Blog Squad. I love twitter, it’s so easy to find and interact with other people.

    I can’t wait for your challenge, I love challenges!

    This was a beautiful post, by the way <3

  6. Interesting to think about!

    I primarily use the wordpress feed to scan recent posts and I’ll click on anything that catches my eye.

    I’ll then use a tag like ‘young adult’ to skim recent posts from blogs I don’t follow (and end up following more! Ha ha!)

    And then I’ll turn to twitter. Again, I’ll check out whatever is newish in my feed.


  7. Only 90? Impressive! I ummm just checked and I follow 619 blogs. So that is not effective. My system is a mess, not that this should surprise you at all 😉 I follow the blogs I NEEEED to read by email. You’ll notice that I commented on this quickly- because you are among them, so an email popped up. That is usually the best bet for me to actually read a post. SO the upper echelon of my blog followings are done via email. I also try to check my blogroll page to make sure that I have been checking in on the blogs/bloggers I love. You aren’t on there because you don’t have a button. I considered making a really goofy generic button for my friends without them, so you may see something ridiculous in the near future.

    Then, comes Bloglovin. That’s a complete crapshoot, as you can imagine with 619 blogs to have in one feed. If I am being completely honest, a majority of the blog reading I do is while commenting back. Because that takes priority for me, right after posts I HAVE to comment on (like this one) because I have a lot to say!

    I also worry that I miss out on blogs, and I likely do! I mean, there is no possible way to know ALL the book blogs. So there is probably some freaking amazing blog floating around that I may never find. But we can’t do everything, I suppose. As for Twitter, I think MOST of the people I follow are also bloggers I follow. Actually, I’d about guarantee that number. Because I follow just shy of 1200 people. And if you figure I follow at least 619 on Bloglovin, that’s half right there. Add authors, publishers, etc, and you’ve probably gotten pretty close to that 1200!

    Also, I used to follow people pretty much automatically- which I do NOT do now, and I also cannot unfollow, because I feel too guilty. There are exceptions, and I DID thin out my feed a bit, but it’s still out of hand. Kind of like my ARC list 😉

    Fabulous discussion, Nori!!

  8. Bayy

    I don’t follow a single blog but if someone puts a post up I think I’ll enjoy then I will click the link and read. I’m very big on tumblr blogging,that’s where I blog about anuthing and everything. I just never really followed anyone because of all the different blogging platforms.

  9. heather

    None by email. Hate the clutter in my inbox. I quit Bloglovin after it started crashing my iPad. I follow about 30 on feedly and the rest on Twitter. I do go to blogs from Twitter often.

  10. I have a very similar problem – I often will follow someone on Twitter but never their blog or vice versa. Recently, I have been ignoring by Bloglovin and the main way that I view people’s recent posts is through Twitter. It is just a lot easier to click on someone’s link they tweeted out and read it there than go to Bloglovin and go through all of those posts. I do feel like I am sometimes missing posts though, especially if those bloggers are not as active on Twitter. I really need to get them all compiled though!

  11. I follow my favorite blogs via email! I think email subscriptions really show you love a blog.

    How do I keep up with the ones I don’t follow via email, not very well unfortunately. I have a hard time keeping up with all of my favorite blogs, so I don’t do much finding new blogs.

    Tuesday is my blogging day. I try to get caught up on all of my comments and visit other blogs I’ve missed on that day.

    I’m not very active on Twitter, but I am on Instagram. I agree, the people I talk to on these I don’t visit their blogs often, which is strange, and I should.

    Fun topic!

  12. Interesting post! I mostly follow blogs on bloglovin. I just checked and I apparently follow almost 400 blogs (holy cow) there. I use the group feature so that things don’t get overwhelming for me though. Like, I have a group for Authors, Huge blogs (like Heroes and Heartbreakers), Cooking, Fashion, Favorite blogs, etc. The groups make it more manageable for me to keep up with things.

    I mostly only check the feed for my favorite blogs on a daily basis. The others I’ll check about once a week and skim through those feeds until something catches my eye to read.

    I have a twitter account, but I don’t really check my feed for that.

  13. I honestly have the same confession as you- for the many things you’ve mentioned. I don’t read blog posts of the people I follow everyday. I juggle quite a hectic schedule now that I’m in college and also handling our own business, so I only get to read around dawn because 1) that’s when the internet is really speedy and 2) that’s when I have free time. But there are days- weeks even, that I don’t check on my wordpress regularly. That being said, I follow people through email and on wordpress. Like you, I want to support them all and I’m constantly trying to find time to read their posts.

    My blogging friends mostly are people I have met and discovered blogs from twitter.

    Btw, this was a great discussion post and I am excited for that challenge of yours! ;D

  14. The majority of people I follow on WordPress reader and a few on Bloglovin and Email. I try to follow all of my bookish Twitter friend’s blogs and I do try to keep up day to day with reading posts. I’m sure it will reach a point where I may not be able to keep up with but I’ll try to make time wherever possible.

  15. I follow most blogs on Bloglovin. I follow about 40 blogs, and I still get overwhelmed with all of the posts. I try my best to read posts everyday, but even with the best intentions, it does not always happen. There are still posts lost at the bottom of my Bloglovin feed from at least a month ago that I have been meaning to read, but have not had the time to get to.
    Sometimes, I just skip the middleman and go to a few of my select favorite blogs to see if there is anything new to comment on. But then, my Bloglovin feed gets clogged up and I am terrified to even log in. I never feel as if I am fully caught up on reading blog posts, but I try my best.
    I find new blogs through Twitter. I will find someone who is funny, kind, or creative and decide to check out their blog. I also get recommendations from other bloggers.

  16. We both feel the exact same way. We don’t really keep up with Bloglovin, but we find that we tend to visit blogs that appear in our Twitter timelines. We wish there was a way to keep up with all the new posts!

  17. I don’t really like to follow blogs via mail at all. I get enough mail as it is and I doubt that I’d still have an overview over everything because I’d probably just delete a bunch of the mails. The most blogs I follow are WordPress ones, so I have them in my Reader. The other ones are on Bloglovin’ or I follow them on Twitter and check every now and then if they’ve posted something new.
    The main reason I follow a blog is simply if I think that we have common interests or topics to talk about. I try to check my Reader every day, but I found that it has become too much to actually comment on everyone’s posts :/

  18. I follow on Bloglovin’ and I follow even more people, but I try to stay on top of it by visiting others every day 🙂 I have a ‘favorite’ list and a ‘follower’ list. I also like to click on links people share on Twitter or to visit blog posts where they share links to everything they thought was interesting. Most of the people I follow on Twitter are friends or blogs I like to visit.

  19. My favorite method of following is via bloglovin’, because they’re all organized into one place. I’ll also follow through google+ if the blogger uses Blogspot as their host site because it organizes my feed similarly in Blogger. When it comes to reading posts, I’m more selective over which I read based on the topic.
    As for my blogger friends, I go to school with Lillie an we’ve been very close friends for a couple years; online, I’m closest with Jess at Princessica of Books and Alex at Fiery Reads, and the four of us altogether stay in touch via snapchat and Twitter. I call them my blogging friends because although we met on Twitter, we all blog and share similar interests and that’s the common bond we formed our friendships over.

  20. As you have probably surmised from some our chats, advanced technology and I are not friends. I have a bookmarks tab with all my favourite blogs linked and I check on them sometimes :p I also follow most of my favourite bloggers on Twitter, so when they’ve done a new post and they tweet about it, I usually see it.

    • Gwendolyn

      I do the same thing for blogs bookmark my favs and visit when I can 🙂 I find it so much better than subscribing because I don’t like my inbox to be cluttered.

  21. Like you, I often don’t read posts from bloglovin’. I rarely log in and I forget and I’m busy. I try to use gfc. At least when I can. That way whenever I go in to look at my blog, other posts are just sitting there waiting. I’m much more likely to read them then.

  22. Gwendolyn

    I am really excited that you’re talking about this topic. I started my blog a few years ago but never had books at the forefront but as the year passed more and more reviews and bookish chats were popping up. I also have a BookTube channel and a #bookstagram account, so I figured why not focus my blogging efforts solely to books?! So I revamped my blog removed non-related book content and now consider myself a book blogger as another one of my many bookish corners of the internet. I have found that people spend much less time reading through posts and even if they are reading they are definitely commenting less. I still consider myself a new book blogger and I know this book blogging thing has a long history and people like their favorites, but I wish that some of the new book bloggers got some love from time to time.

    To answer your question, I do not usually subscribe to blogs via the avenues you mentioned. What I did do was make a separate tab labeled “blogs” in my favorites and I stop by and visit as often as I can. I do have my favorite blogs that I visit every time they post something new, but for the majority, I stop by when I can and try to leave some love in the comments. We all have varying degrees of time to spend on a computer blog surfing so it’s understandable that we can sometimes become lazy seeking out new blogs, leaving comments, or just resorting to Twitter.

  23. I tend to visit new blogs I discover either via Twitter or Facebook. I engage first and follow later if I strike up a rapport. I get email notifications for some of the blogs I follow, those belonging to bloggers who have become ‘friends’ and always visit the blogs of those who visit mine, even if they just ‘like’ a post. As for keeping up, time is limited so some weeks, my interactions are scarce and other times, I’m more prolific. I will soon be shutting myself away in writing-hibernation as I push on with my current Work in Progress.

  24. My favorite blogs I follow by e-mail. That’s currently around 12-ish? Other blogs that I like but am not interested in every single post, I add to a bookmarks list. I try to visit those in the bookmarks list once a week or so, but lately it’s been more like once a month.

    I’d love to visit more blogs, but the more blogs I actively visit/follow/comment on, the less time I have for other things. Working on my own blog included! There should be a magic button, that when pushed, gives you an extra 5 hours in the day say. And those extra hours could be used for visiting other blogs.

    I am also easily distracted and scatter-brained. So when I’m supposed to be doing other things, I sometimes end up clicking through to blogs I don’t visit much, or have never been to. Instead of visiting the ones I’m supposed to be visiting. *laughs* And then they get added to my lists of either e-mail following or bookmark following.

  25. I follow through Bloglovin’ and clean up my feed constantly by going through and making sure I’m still interested in each blog’s content. It’s a lot of work, but always such a relief once I finish, so I’ll set aside a day or two every now and then for that.

    I still don’t always keep up with posts, though. One way I stop myself from being overwhelmed is to just hit the ‘mark all as read,’ although I do feel bad when I need to do it. I feel like I’m missing out on posts!

  26. Amy

    This is a really good point! I don’t follow very many blogs…. I have about ten by email, and more on Bloglovin (although I’m almost never on that). I wish I could follow more blogs, but I’m just not sure that’s reasonable, especially once school starts again.

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