Guide for Bookish Gifts~ Part Two!

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It’s time for day two of my guide for bookish gifts! In case you missed yesterday’s post, you can click HERE to see part one.

Today I will be featuring two people in particular who suggested TONS of awesome shops for bookish goodies! I hope you find some great stuff!

(P.S. I take credit for NONE of these pictures- the credit goes to the shop owners)

First up is Julie from Bloggers Heart Books (@DailyJulianne) with some great Etsy stores!

 (Cultural Bindings)

Notebooks/Planners: Cultural Bindings ~ SHP Planners ~ Posy Papers

 (Abbie Imagine)

Prints: Abbie Imagine

 (From the Page)

Candles: From the Page

 (Book Fiend)

Jewelry: The Paper Poppy ~ Book Fiend ~ Trends by Heni ~ Oh Darling Jewelry

 (The Fox and the Teacup)

Stationary:  The Fox and the Teacup

Second is Jordin from A Bottomless Book Bag (@JBottomless)!

 (Only By Laura)

Society 6:  The Gadzooks (Harry Potter) ~ Only By Laura (Throne of Glass) ~ Abbie Imagine (Mixture)


 (Neena Creates)

Etsy: The Bookish Life (Mixture) ~ Skinny Hues (Bookmarks) ~ The Brave Little Tailor (Mixture) ~ Neena Creates (Clothes)


Also, I wanted to mention a couple of other bloggers who have created their own Bookish Gift guides! Click the links to be taken to their guides for some awesome stores that I didn’t mention!

Lisa @ Read Breathe Relax ~ Nicole @ YA Interrobang ~ Kristian @ Bustle ~ Brittany @ The Book Addict’s Guide ~

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7 responses to “Guide for Bookish Gifts~ Part Two!

  1. Omg yes! I absolutely love tote bags and art prints. I’ve been seeing those candles going around and I wonder how they smell in real life… On my bookish list, I’d love to receive any Harry Potter and especially Percy Jackson fandom gear. For some reason, I hardly see any PJO merch and I’d really love the t shirt!

  2. Sarah Cone

    So I told my hubby how if he ever got tired of getting me books, he could get me cool bookish gifts from all these stores on etsy and I forwarded your blog email to him. With all the books you review/recommend that end up on my TBR, along with the bookish etsy store stuff now, I’m pretty sure that at this point, whenever I open up your blog email, he feels a disturbance in the force and is like, “Sarah’s reading something from Nori…better get some overtime in!” 😉

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